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  1. I have this issue also but feel better to hear the Support Team knows about it and I'm not alone with this situation. I left a reply in the Bug Report tread with similar issue as ya: But I am curious if anyone also have internet issue as I've describe in the above Bug Report tread? Issue being that after the computer system freezes\lock up, that everything else connected to your internet network (ie: other PC, laptop, phone\tablet on WiFi, others devices connected to the internet, etc.) stop working also for a brief period of time?
  2. Same issue... But I like to add something else that happen in my situation. Like other treads along with this tread, after what seem like 10 minutes~, a window pop-up as many players have describe with 'client will be closed' message will appear and force close the game. After the game close, a few minutes later, my system will completely freeze and I would have to do a force shut down of my system AND Everything Connected To My Router\Network Will Lose Internet Connection For A Minute And Return To Normal. This has Never Happen Before til I installed Lineage II today. It is very str
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