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  1. Dude spare me with your l2 philosophy. I know hardcore l2. But in my case I had no drops whatsoever and I’m playing solo. Mob by mob. Go farm 2 weeks for a spell book if you’re ok with that but I have chars on all off classic servers and this one has rigged rates.
  2. You can refund since they lied about the rates but it’s debatable since the packs contain exactly what you payed for.
  3. This pkpkpk dude is smoked. He has no bleeping clue what classic means and made a post to even lower the adena and xp rates more. He’s a bloody troll. Let him farm for a hex spell book for 2 weeks cause it’s classic experience for him.
  4. So what’s the point? Cash grab with off servers? Instead of mantaining the income when you have a good platform and a good player base. This is retarded. I go on skelth and buy 50 millions with the vip 4 entry and I’m settled with top C. And you level up faster there. Instead of coming up with innovation they bleeped it up.
  5. Lower the adena rates? Dude tell me what you smoke cause i want some too
  6. They make money trough shots and by dropping the adena rate and drop spoil you are forced to buy them. Until I see an official drop rate I’m out of here. There is no point in making level 40 with top no grade weapon. This is bs. It’s not L2 it’s masochism
  7. People of NA servers , lets join togheter and set a date to go on strike on a following day to make a point. This drop/spoil and adena rate are a rip-off. I’m a vip 4 and still can’t stand the fact that I need to buy shots all the time and can’t afford a few potions to farm properly. This is stupid. Look on l2 wiki classic and see that a mob that should give you 170 adena at least gives you 40, if you’re lucky. Let’s stand togheter as a community at let them know we ain’t buying they’re bullshit with this unplayable rates. Worst economy I’ve seen in my 12 years of L2
  8. I’m 25 with 80k adena. VIP 4 and I only used nccoins for shots. I have 8 iron ore 9 stem and 4 animal skin. No drops whatsoever. If you’re telling me this is ok you are out of your mind. Fix the damn adena / drop/ spoil rate or you have a dead server. I think we all should go on a strike. Not playing for a day just to prove a point.
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