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  1. XinCode3

    Si usas pingzapper o algun otro programa vpn para bajar el ping , puede ser el causante. yo tuve el mismo error y me respondieron esto "Hello,Unfortunately, Pingzapper is not compatible with Lineage 2 as we do not support VPN. Our only suggestion is to avoid using Pingzapper for it to run properly.If you have more questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know.Regards, GM Bea NCSOFT Support Team" Una solucion provisoria que a veces funciona es borrar el archivo xmag.xem de la carpeta xingcode del system de l2 para jugar al menos con un cliente. Sino, cerra el programa vpn o proba con wtfast (con este no tuve problemas durante el periodo de prueba)
  2. New Lineage II Classic Server: Gludio

    you can be original and make this new/s server subscription based (only vips), or with 1 or 2 box max to make a diference with the other servers, since public is more divided on this preferences than with 1 hour more or less on gmt times. Now is time to decide before ppl start saying is too late again
  3. XIGNCODE3 ERRO Ex0191009

    I got same error when i was using pingzapper. One of the gms told me on ticket that they do not support vpn programs and that you should avoid them Deleting xingcode files only useful for the first client. The second client wont run since you cant delete files again since they are neing used by l2.bin process (first client) I changed to wtfast and xingcode no longer gives me that error
  4. What kind of classic is this?

    pk 1 time you gain 700+ karma, and every mob you kill = -2 karma... more customized than a private server