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  1. 50% XP Rune + Fishing =/= Working

    It's common knowledge because a lot of players know about it, everybody who purchased the launch pack got a 30 day rune and it worked the exact same way as this one, in that it only effected hunting. Whether people come from illegal servers or come to the forum is irrelevant, ask the question in a world shout and you'll get an answer because a lot of people know from observation. The reason I think you're mad is because you called somebody ignorant and got defensive, change my mind if you want to but right now you still seem defensive.
  2. Holiday Joy Boxes Test

    What did you get from the weapon exchange token?
  3. QUEUE

    Free game BTW
  4. Posts are going down

    Yeah I think the main issue is that we have mods deleting threads and posts that aren't even rule breaking or offensive, kind of pushes people away from the forums.
  5. 50% XP Rune + Fishing =/= Working

    lol whoosh.. common knowledge to the community dude, if you're mad about the tooltip then put in a support ticket. The only thing people here can do is tell you the answer to your question.
  6. No books drops, wrong database?

    If you're talking about Haste I have a friend who has gotten 2 Haste SB from the unicorns. The drop rate is very low though, I know other people who have been trying to farm it for weeks with no success.
  7. Looting rights for RBs/Epics

    If you're not there for the exp/sp in particular rather than the loot then you're probably wasting your time. If you want loot then contact the cc leader and try to make some arrangement for your CP or clan to get loot based on participation. Keep in mind that those negotiations usually still lean on the side of the cc leader and their clan because in reality they don't want to give up any loot they don't have to. Personally I'm not a fan of how the RB loot is distributed, I feel like it should be more evenly distributed based on contribution of individual parties participating.
  8. I hear you there, it's tough when your friends move on to other games, but there are a ton of people left and you can make new friends if you still have the drive to do so. I've gone through this once or twice myself already, with groups of people I played with either quitting the game or moving on to other clans/people they play with. It's difficult to make connections that stick around sometimes but it's worth it if you can in my opinion.
  9. I don't like games to be easy and by struggle I simply mean working through difficult challenges with friends. If there is no struggle and everything is just easy or handed to me then that's the opposite of fun in my opinion. There have been times when I wanted to quit because things were difficult but overcoming that struggle with friends I met in game made it feel like more of an accomplishment in the end and encouraged me to stick around. This type of game is attractive to me because it forces socialization in order to achieve your goals. Unless you want to solo with multiple boxes (which to me is boring) you pretty much have no choice but to party up with people and make friends, something other MMORPG are missing these days in my opinion. I'm tired of dungeon/raid finders and joining groups of random people who never talk to one another.

    What were the rewards on the live server last year?
  11. Lots of BD and SWS around, tanks here and there, seen quite a few healers (but some healers do use shots). Not so many live chargers and buffers but they do exist.
  12. So... max level ey?

    You spelled eh wrong btw.
  13. Support classes are profitable if you find parties, tanks and buffers hardly have to spend money on shots at all. They just have to put up with mages and rangers whining about how much it's costing them and how they make more money soloing. Solo game btw.
  14. I love how they are deleting so many posts and never even give a reason why, some of the posts that get deleted are literally respectful and constructive feedback. The mods on these forums are doing the game a dis-service by deleting the majority of posts here, extremely deceptive way to try and save face.
  15. I'm with Punish on this one, to me this game is about struggling with clannies/friends.