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  1. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    so basically we are screwed nothing good ever comes from the support team who came up with this idea why dont they send over a korean to handle these issues since they are the only ones who can fix all the bugs in the game and what gives with the shottie servers this is so annoying im not spending another red cent on this junk project......
  2. We need SP too....

    it is, only if you use it correctly there is no need to max out all your skills
  3. i must say i can agree with some of this but generally i was just at Timak Orc outpost killed 10 mobs ina row its not hard to do but i got 0 adena that needs to be fixed....
  4. Any english active clans here? Its quiet.

    you must play odd hours to not see english speaking clans....
  5. Busco personas para CP, usamos Discord

    this game needs a translator api like google has and then it would be absolutley legit!
  6. Suggestion for bots selling adena

    then they will join a clan or your clan and do it c'mon guys these people can exploit api to do these things you think they are this stupid? where there is a will there is a way! they will always find a way to do it free to play or subscription someone will always buy gold or whatever
  7. We need SP too....

    doesn't make sense go farm mobs for SP like smart players do
  8. We need SP too....

    get some xp/sp scrolls im only lvl 35 and im sitting on almost 400k sp you guys are leveling too fast thats your issue