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  1. I started on Bartz the day it opened. I still have my chaotic chronicle CDs and played for years on live Lineage 2 servers from day one. Let me assure you, there is nothing broken. THIS IS HOW LIVE WAS. When you got to level 20 you were lucky if you had top no grade equipment. And people complaining about drops, you are in for a real treat when you get to lvl 40. I wore top d grade gear til almost lvl 45 before i started crafting pieces of C grade. This is live, nothing is broken. This is how lineage was. We had cruma parties (with no soulshots) that ran for hours. Solo you could not afford to
  2. I guess I will add a reply. I dunno if anyone will read it or care, but in case they do here goes. I played Lineage 1 for over 5 years on live, and preordered L2 as soon as I could. I am a returning player. Lineage 2 Revolution brought back this game to me. Playing the mobile really got me to missing my old days of L2. I played during beta and release and quit shortly after Khamel was released for personal reasons. I know its been said before but I will say it again. But I have level'd quite a few chars to 90+ trying out different classes and trying out the new instances and whatnot. I ca
  3. Yo I am a returning player and had a simple question. Alot of the information the web is outdated and I wanted to know the max levels for dual class before I settle down with a char. I have an Archer but I really enjoy playing my tank more (Archer main class, Phoenix Knight dual class). Is Oly the only thing Dual class people are locked out of? Are there any more restrictions for leveliing ur dual class higher than your main? As far as i have read dual class can be lvl 99, but also read it can be max. Can dual class reach 100+ now even without leveling main class? In the newer updates can
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