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  1. i am asking because maybe its like the brooch system and you get something bonus if you make everything plus 10 like battle rapsody or ultra lazer beam canon.
  2. Anybody knows if i can use all the pendants together? I'm planing on making all the pendants +10 but i need to know if i can use them together.
  3. The population in these past 4 months is halfed of what it was in the opening so as we can see its dropping fast. The bots will always be there, ncsoft is unable to do anything as its understaffed and those that work there are incompetent. The number of bots will only decrease when the number of actual people who play on the servers will decrease. After the february update the player base will drop even more cause people who are 60 to 70 will get stomped by 3rd class parties and imoquit. Eventually after a year, let's say next october- november, the servers will go down to two with population
  4. It sucks to kill one by one with warlord i wish it was like ai or fom daily.
  5. Why is it that when i kill 6 or 7 mobs together in the aden dungeon i only take 1 quest item. I think if the mobs die simultaneously even if there are many mobs you will still take 1 quest item, or the drop rate is so low. But im sure if i kill those mobs one by one ill take more items. Anyone else trying to aoe them?
  6. I used a top ng spear on my char cause it had more matck from the starting mage weapon and it did in fact lower the casting speed. Maybe cause it has normal attack speed or maybe cause it is a fighter weapon. I remember however they added in some GoD update in summoners that bows reduce casting speed.
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