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  1. Just give up guys...14 years and nothing changed...never will, just quit supporting this stupid company and wait for an illegal server that u can actually enjoy playing! I quited for 1+ week now and its way better, cheers!
  2. Vip Coins

    u get them by just killing mobs with a certain rate...but u have to be vip 3 or vip 4 only
  3. Dagger classes, why so few?

    mostly because they are bad atm, I just did some tests and blow rate is about 40% for death stab and maybe 70% for backstab ( I have +4 str and +4 dex dyes on ). Also I think there is some bug since if I stand still behind a mob(1-2 secs be4 I press the skill) I land it more often (90% with backstab), while when I cast the skill while I run, I miss it most of the time. And I don't even wanna talk about evasion atm since its almost 0 at lvl 46, making leather armor not really worth wearing. Maybe will change around lvl 70 with more passive learnt but long way till there
  4. answear is simple...they get $$ from adena sellers. I cannot find any other good reason why they tolerate some botters and bann others unless they can win something out of it. NCsoft doesn't give a thing about the players..only the money. So u have 2 possibilities, play as it is even if it is indeed shit... or just quit and find better game to play.
  5. vip 4 drops?!?

    actually yes that's exactly what they say, and yes I am planning to drop to vip or even lower...but can't do for another 2 months ( even with the points drop). Gave them a lot of $$ without an real benefit except maybe a bit of exp boost which is kinda useless anyway
  6. Hello guys, so, is every1 else thinking their vip4 is broken? I have my main lvl 45 and all I can say is that I never got an full drop since the 1st day of this server. Curently a made a dwarf lvl 28 now... vip 1 , and im getting almost everyday 1-3 full drops from AC or exe grounds while rates for the drops are the same around 0.5.
  7. [News] Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event

    another event for exploiters with 10+ accounts, good job! pff
  8. Game Quests

    Hello guys. I just wonder if any1 can post the starting locations for the good quests? since I looked on wiki but most of them are on maps which are not implemented in l2 classic.