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  1. I miss full party size from back in the day. How many people here can remember when a full party meant nine people or when an alliance consisted of more than three clans? I wonder how those settings would affect the dynanmics of gameplay today? Anyone have any thoughts on these two questions? How would it affect the dynamics of gameplay for better or worse if they put the party size back to 9 members? & How would it affect the dynamics of gameplay for better or worse if they put the alliance size back up to five (or was it seven?)clans? I would love to hear
  2. Refer to ticket Request #23337289 for full details Failed Dagger enchantment (useing pre-ugdate dagger) going form +6 to +7 collected new dagger (day of updated) and failed again at +4 when back to get another dagger and Mammon goes through dialog as if he will give me dagger but nothing gets put in my inventory. Yes my inventory is below the 80% and my weight is at 19.32%
  3. @Conguero Just wonder how accurate L2wiki is? Reason for this question is in the description it says "Will be deleted after the event." If so, as you are stated above the dev team are working on it and we'll see a fix in the upcoming build... will this before said event ends? Source of statement in question : https://l2wiki.com/Rotten_Fish_Stew#WIT
  4. PhotoShop Malwarebytes Origin Epic Games Launcher Arc Bethesda Launcher MS Office word/outlook Notepad
  5. OzDragon


    Thanx for that Hime.
  6. Conguero Is there any way you can tell us when you will be bring this up so we can except some kind of time frame,
  7. That L2 Christmas vid is kinda epic.. but still by the new year with no maintenance i predict very laggy servers..
  8. OzDragon


    @Hime Thanx for the old forum Link. As it dose contain the rich history of how we as a community became what we are today. Will the old forums be deleted and what time frame are we looking at? If so, Why delete so much history?
  9. Just adding this but it might be a result of clan skills not all being there. I noticed clan windwalk was not replaced in the first 3 stage. It might in the specialty clan buffs but waiting to see what tree will best suit our clan before picking a path. Not sure if that is the case with you but, tossing it out there in case if give ya any ideas..
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