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  1. locked account

    Hah, you're equivalent to a kid sticking his fingers in his ears and going lalala.. Mixa this is you? Not only have tons of accounts in game but in forum also?
  2. locked account

    I don't actually care if you keep 50 accounts in here, it might be true because everyone sees that shit server is for afk gaming and bots. Point was that I can just lie about it like you lie about other people while knowing nothing about it. Just bullshit assumptions. No, kid, you have no idea what common sense is. You don't need a large sample to know two things do not cancel each other out. bleeping google it and learn something in your life.
  3. Im done. Im leaving.

    You did good, people who are mad about these posts are ones that are actually scared that you might scare more people away. They are the same people who refuse to see anything thats wrong with the server and prefer to live in their sheltered illusion bubbles, that everything is alright and time they put in the game is not for nothing because the thought of it just feels very shitty so they live in bliss of ignorance. There are people who act like they don't care and pretend there are infinite amounts of players who will keep the server alive, while in fact its just infested with bots and more legit people leave than arrive day by day. So either they don't even play themselves or are just deluded, but people who actually have an IQ above 80 will draw logical conclusions from good, constructive posts. Godspeed.
  4. locked account

    There is nothing positive about your account being locked in the FIRST PLACE! Regular security review my ass, name a good reason why in order to review your account it has to be locked.. Or perhaps this mixa troll can do it for you, since he knows everything. Kinda getting tired of you kid. Do you know what mutually exclusive means? Google it. Just because you haven't been banned yet doesn't mean you won't and people who have been banned actually did do the things you mentioned. I bet it feels great to give out your random examples as if it would nullify mine - 2 of 3 accounts locked while playing them at the same time. Didn't bot, kinda fresh windows OS, no other lineage2 games installed, no fancy macros. Explain how is that possible? Go ahead, you can call me a liar and I can do the same. You don't even play this game, you just shitpost on forums, you don't have TENS OF ACCOUNTS running, ncsoft pays cucks like you to make forum look more alive and ncsoft look good. Might aswell be the case, since you re so sure 100% sure about other peoples cases and how this system works.
  5. locked account

    How ignorant are you my friend? These ncsoft shills have even gone so far as praising random suspensions and unlocks. Complete disregard for peoples time. And how do you draw a conclusion that just because this guy got his account unlocked that it's the case for everybody? Even bleeping hime gives you a positive reaction? How much do they pay you? I want in, Ima make a new account and be the good boy too, trying to fool community that everything is alright and trying to keep people in, demonizing the unlucky ones.
  6. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    Marty, you seem like the first critically thinking guy on this forum. I say get out while you can, or at least do not spend any money here. Many people have been banned unfairly and many more will as adminis here have shown zero interest in looking into issue and actually claimed everything is alright. As the bots make new accounts after ban their numbers will stay the same, while banned players and their friends will leave because of this. There is plenty of evidence NCsoft is bleeping up here, even guys who defend these bans do not make sense as their only argument is "I havent been banned, thus you're a cheater" while the first part of the statement might be true, these things are not mutually exclusive. You don't even need to be smart to understand this. I personally count myself to be one of lucky ones because my grind was stopped after one month in, I can't even imagine how it will sting for guys who paid money and put in waay more hours than I did. Furthermore, you see argument that if you haven't done anything you just write a ticket and wait till they "fix their mistake" in a week or so. I can tell you right away that it is not always the case. I speak from experience like most of us here. You just have to make assumptions yourself, but here is a free tip: never listen to those who claim to know how ncsoft and their random bans work and justify it all, calling others bots or accusing them of doing something wrong as ncsoft never give out any info about their bs system. Hope you make right decision, you seem alright.
  7. Haha, burn, baby, burn!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what i am coming here for, people who left or were forcibly and unfairly banned are truly blessed ones.
  8. Servers dying?

    After one month already? Hah, this shit's so satisfying to watch! Cheers to all who actually gave NCsoft their money!
  9. Oh I am laughing. These nonsense bans have been going on for a long time and ncsoft staff doesnt even look into it, but as soon as someone mention money problems, mr Hime is here to respond, not even to OP but some guy because he pays their salary, rest of you can keep getting accused of cheating and basically stay bleeped. Thank you for your community service!
  10. Banning for the fun of it???

    What did I assume? People use your shitty " I haven't been banned, thus you are a cheater" argument all the time. What else for did you type that comment? Obviously there are active people on server still and not all of us are banned. DO clarify, what is your point, tool.
  11. Banning for the fun of it???

    You truly are a tool. Do you honestly believe that his case and yours are mutually exclusive? If so, please provide your chain of thought why is it so. Try to not assume bunch of shit in the process.
  12. Injustice and lies have short legs

    you are missing the point, how good the game is irrelevant(in theory). Check the charts of top MMORPGs today, l2 is nowhere to be seen, go around the world and ask random people if they are new to this game, I am certain 99.9% have already played lineage 2 before and those people are the ones that keep this shit somewhat together. Sigh, kid, you start off with just autoassuming guilt, there is no helping you and it just makes rest of ur textwall irrelevant. Thanks for free bumps though but I'll tell you this. Your experience doesn't invalidate mine, yes, I have been playing lineage2 officially before too, yes, I wasn't banned either, this is my first experience with this kind of shit. I am a casual player, and one of lucky ones actually because this shit was cut off for me before I invested too much into dead end. My main (which is not banned,go ahead explain how did they detect 3rd pt software on my PC and banned only 2 out of my 3 active accounts at the time) just reached only lvl 30! I was gathering mats not even for top D wep, but for mid one.. botting my ass, ha! Keep bumping,
  13. Injustice and lies have short legs

    Hah, that is the problem only tiny minority seems to understand on these forums. Bots just create new bots, legit players that invested here leave because of this system. What do you think future looks like for this server? On game this old you have to be delusional if you think you gonna attract new players when even old fans turn their backs to this shit. So let the trolls laugh, joke is on you in the end.
  14. Injustice and lies have short legs

    How do you know this? Did NCSOFT share this information personally with you? Did you create their flawless software? Because they didn't even tell us whats wrong, for "security reasons" you know! So stop pulling shit out of your ass kid, and wait your ban. And claiming its alright that innocent people have to go through this bullshit and wait weeks to get their accounts back is cynical and retarded. Furthermore, point of these posts is not for some forum moderator to give accounts back, but to raise awareness and warn people about NCsoft bullshit, of course it doesn't work for people with IQ lesser than their shoe size, but it might reach some.
  15. ima report shops and fishers, how are you going to stop me?