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  1. Orc barracks or Partisans hideaway are also good for parties but maybe stay in AC till 28?
  2. make a shillen elder. they have all the buffs you need and you can cast haste yourself on your unicorn when your 40+. absolute best would be WC + EE but leveling 3 chars will be SLOW.
  3. BD's are fine to solo with a box, its not the fastest but if you want to be a BD go for it! If you dont care as much what you level and just want to focus on your PP archers are fun and dont need vampiric rage buff but are a bit more expencive to level i hear.
  4. elven wizard = dark elf turning to shillen oracle I hope. Thats what you need for a dagger's box. go to Abandoned camp and look for a melee group killing there. basically in the LFG window if it doesn't say AOE and they want a DD look in and see if its melee.
  5. use your undead nuke in ruins of agony skeletons. ask for a group in abandoned camp. have fun
  6. do this one first https://l2wiki.com/classic/Vanquish_Remnants then you can do one for part hideaway https://l2wiki.com/classic/Hunt_of_the_Black_Lion
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