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  1. All Mats Worth 0 ..

    Servers are dead many months now...even Giran with 700-800 real players at the **best online** is kinda funny for an official server. illegal servers have more activity and it is not unfair ,because they started with full of players and they managed to destroy everything. Τhe only thing they can give us is P2W events nothing else . No thanks.

    I just logged in Giran after 6 months offline , from my friends 1 was online of 39 (the others were offline 3 months till 6 months......) My old clan also 0/40......So everyone has the same view of things.Everyone found out that there will be no future.
  3. +1 quit list

    TI 3764 online right now. Lets see ,500 afk shops , 500 fishing bots =2764 divide with 2 (even if you can have **3** accounts open*)=1382 Of 1382 , 400-500 are Definitely Bots (check all the zones are full of them**) that means 900 Real players online in a six months official server.....! Also dont forget many people have 2-3 computers . My brother had 3 computers in his house ...x2 laptops with 3 bots each one(=6 bots) and one desktop pc for main accounts.
  4. Aden and Gludio merge

    Aden and gludio are already dead ,no reason to merge them, they also do not give any meaning
  5. +1 quit list

    At peak times Giran server has max 2600 people in LFG party window and this percentage was 1 month ago.Τi is around 800 real players online* ,giran 1-1,2k ,aden-gludio are dead for good.

    Waste of time.....Better to play my money in a real casino than here. Αt the end of May will come the end...holidays and many new games are coming ,then they will do the merge of the severs and they will have 2k online =with max 300 REAL people online..... Τhankfully I wasted only 50 $ in this 6 months project.(i could buy a ps4 game but ok) All my cp left , only two of the nine stayed because are using adrenaline.
  7. 5k people =1,5 are bots (check all the zones are full of them) ,500 afk shops, 500 fishing bots (definitely more) Now the rest 2,5k if you divide with the number 3 because 3 windows you can have = 833-1k people online ,but dont forget many people have 2-3 PC yet. 6 months =1k online max** and the summer comes with many new games... They know everything and what will happen little before the summer ,it is a company and will look at the maximum profit.
  8. Reconsider this event

    Τhe Solution was to add pendants through ''silver coins system''( vip 3-4) (this means farming them) ,my cp had all the pleasure to renew vip but there is no future for it and we left. Also all zones are full bots and no solution was found yet ,probably never.... Τhe end will come a little before the summer ,even to merge all the servers in one there is no salvation ,max 1k ''real'' players will stay.
  9. Castle Sieges???

    Also dont forget to set up some boxes for enemies
  10. lul

    hahahhaahahahahaha ,I believe the bank will give me a loan for this update.
  11. NCSOFT silence about pedants

    Τhey know that in a short time the server will not have people, possibly a bit before the summer. So they gave us pedants for One Last Big Grab.It is a company and will look at the maximum profit
  12. Pendants are permanently....
  13. 21 of my 26 friends are offline 1 month till 2 months......I made the BIG mistake to stay,even with areas full of bots, i stayed But now its over ,i am not going to spend any more time in this 6 months project because at the beginning of the summer will end(maybe 250 online players). GL
  14. Aden & gludio are dead and they dont CARE ,soon the servers will be with 150 real-online players maybe less.Now its too late ,all they left and after this p2w event will leave more A merge will give max 500 real online players.Every zone is full of bots in Giran server ,I did 2nd class quest yesterday and i found many of my friends botting ,everyone is botting thats the truth. The game every month is becoming more p2w, Chronos is also dead .I think the end of lineage classic servers will come at the beginning of the summer.

    I just pk 2 bots at forgotten temple and they brought pk char(40+) to pk me and other people.Hahaha BOTS have protection from a PIMP.They pk the whole temple just for botting.
  16. Just hire a man to two - three hours every day to log and ban most of them .Give him 5 dollars per hour its not a big amount. But let's be realistic ,how many people without adena sellers or bot would have stopped playing (that means less people and less purchases on *l2store*). So there is no way to hire someone to pay for it but to lose money
  17. I stopped for three weeks to play but I still looked at the forum. Νow I'm back and I play 2-3 hours a week ,19 of my 21 friends on my friendlist are offline 8 days till 1 month. Still no clan halls and zones are full of bots .I look every day on the forum for future fixes
  18. Server Down WTF?

    Maintenance is every wednesday ,today is tuesday
  19. New here,which server?

    Aden =2,5k online if you remove bots -afk shops-fishing bots-triple windows= not a good online for a new player Giran =5k online so the best choice is giran
  20. Sadly its about bots

    3 months server GIRAN= 3450 online (afternoon time) with afk shops,afk fishing bots , Bots everywhere and 2-3 accounts per character. imagine after 2-3 months ...500 real players online MAX.:(:(

    Its over guys ,3 months and 4k online (with bots+afk shops+2-3 accounts per character) imagine with the new year..:(:(:(
  22. I am Login with my main (43 lvl) doing AI DAILY , sometimes and dungeon (40-44) then D-lvl the exp i got.( i have 120 million exp in my invetory haha ) Then 1-2 hour farm with my spoiler 30 lvl at orc barracks with my clan. This is so fun.....no reason to buy vip again .( i dont need exp or queue )
  23. Cursed Bone price

    Most overpowered class with gloom and many debuffs+pet and you are complaining .....No man ,nothing will change
  24. I think its OVER guys , check giran *bots* are selling 7,000 animal skin , 8,000 iron ore ....etc.
  25. Now what?

    same here ,also half of my friends fled away