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  1. Servers are dead many months now...even Giran with 700-800 real players at the **best online** is kinda funny for an official server:D.

    illegal servers have more activity and it is not unfair ,because they started with full of players  and they managed to destroy everything.

    Τhe only thing they can give us is P2W events nothing else .

    No thanks.

  2. 1 hour ago, GoNoles69 said:

    I threw them in with the 1000 bots, because there is no way in hell 1000 bots on the server, maybe 400-600 bots, and there are not 1k people fishing... but a lot of people fish / afk shop while they work and come back home just to xp.. So besides the Fishing part that I didnt exactly specify directly, what else is misleading? 

    TI 3764  online right now. Lets see ,500 afk shops , 500 fishing bots =2764 divide with 2 (even if you can have **3** accounts open*)=1382 

    Of 1382 , 400-500  are Definitely Bots (check all the zones are full of them**) that means 900 Real players online in a six months official server.....!

    Also dont forget many people have 2-3 computers . My  brother had 3 computers in his house ...x2 laptops with 3 bots each one(=6 bots) and one desktop pc for main accounts.

  3. 2 hours ago, Criminal said:

    Hi NCsoft team, 

    Are you aiming / planning to do merge for Aden and Gludio servers with TI and Giran ? (merging Gludio and Aden won't work - as two dead servers merged = 1 dead server) 

    Current situation is really dramatic. 

    People leaving, nobody willing to start all over again on TI or Giran. 

    Merge would add more fun to all customers, more pvp, more pve, more reasons to keep buying something out of the NC store. 


    To avoid massive customer loss, let us know any info please. 


    Many thanks in advance,




    Aden and gludio are already dead ,no reason to merge them, they also do not give any meaning

  4. 30 minutes ago, GoNoles69 said:

    TI still has about 3500 regularly and close to 4500 at Peak times. You would have to account for half being boxes / shops / bots but I cant imagine there being 2k bots on the server.. theres always around 2500 people in the LFG party window.

    At peak times Giran server  has max 2600 people in LFG party window and this percentage was 1 month ago.Τi is around 800 real players online* ,giran 1-1,2k ,aden-gludio are dead for good.

  5. Waste of time.....Better to play my money in a real casino than here.

    Αt the end of May will come the end...holidays and many new games are coming ,then they will do the merge of the severs and they will have 2k online =with max 300 REAL people online.....

    Τhankfully I wasted only  50 $ in this 6 months project.(i could buy a ps4 game :( but ok) All my cp left  ,  only two of the nine stayed because are using  adrenaline.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Roflcopter said:

    the reason they do it because they greedy and seek for more money and thats just the truth. why would they lie to all customers about the pay2win items and after they implement it they not even care to answer any question. just shows what the people are worth for them playing and paying for there games. Myself and i think many others did join the classic because we are tired of all this pay2win stuff in the old l2 and now they just go straight up into pay2win after just a few months. There still over 5000k people on giran server so it seems like ncsoft did the right decision to put them in. But you guys and everyone who still play, there coming quite a few more to spend $, if i remember right from the korean/jap server there are around 6 pay2win items in the shop. so you guys can start safe some money.

     5k people =1,5 are bots (check all the zones are full of them) ,500 afk shops, 500 fishing bots (definitely more)

    Now the rest 2,5k if you divide with the number 3 because 3 windows you can have = 833-1k people online ,but dont forget many people have 2-3 PC yet.

    6 months =1k online max** and the summer comes with many new games...

    They know everything  and what will happen little before the summer ,it is a company and will look at the maximum profit.

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  7. Τhe Solution was to add pendants through ''silver coins system''( vip 3-4) (this means  farming them) ,my cp had all the pleasure to renew vip but there is no future for it and we left.

    Also all zones are full bots and no solution was found yet ,probably never....

    Τhe end will come a little before the summer ,even to merge all the servers in one there is no salvation ,max 1k ''real'' players will stay.

  8. 28 minutes ago, lFathe said:

    In fact what is stupid is what you say, whether the game you like or not should be maintained economically because I do not think you think a company lives on charity, right? or pretend to put pure appearance accessories in the store.
    If you currently do not like the ncstore it is because you have not even played an official before. Go to the chronos server, I invite you to see what a pay to win really is. Aca NC has refrained from putting large items by purchase, if you are not able to tolerate the miserable payment that there are currently, you should leave now.

    Aden & gludio are dead and they dont CARE ,soon the servers will be with 150 real-online players maybe less.Now its too late ,all they left and after this p2w event will leave more

    A merge will give max 500 real online players.Every zone is full of bots in Giran server ,I did 2nd class quest yesterday and i found many of my friends botting ,everyone is botting thats the truth.

    The game every month is becoming more p2w, Chronos is also dead .I think the end of lineage classic servers will come at the beginning of the summer.


  9. 19 hours ago, khroon said:

    ok, if you do not want to change the drop rates of adena, so that it is a real challenge to equip and emerge on the server, I only have one query with my class (necromancer), this pj only has one skill that scales in damage in second job, and it requires 1 items (Cursed Bone) to be able to launch it that has a cost of 360 adena every 1, if I have to hit 2 or 3 hits on a mobs, I have an expense of between 700 to 1000 of adena for mobs removed , if the mobs throw only 300 of adena as I kill ????

    just to see the possibility of lowering the cost of some inputs at a more realistic price so that I can really level up or talk about equipping myself.

    Most overpowered class with gloom and many debuffs+pet and you are complaining .....No man ,nothing will change B|