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  1. we are waiting Red Libra event .. since march/april....
  2. @Hime You didn't understand? We want Red Libra !!!
  3. @Juji Please do not make pk system like l2 essence !!! Revenge its no sense idea !!! L2 its an open world, if u want revenge u need find, hunt, kill. PK drop again, YES !
  4. and not only that, they disrespected the contest rules, it is not adena art contest, some pics you dont know where the player is, do not show the hunting zone.
  5. I don't know who chose those 10, there was no criterion for anything. nice pic Bvlgari!
  6. my screen have: Valakas represented (using skill too) Halisha/frintezza represented New weapons (R110) represented Beautiful mob represented a whole job to make the screen (skill, SS burst, mob pulled) have shine, beautifel colors the hunting zone
  7. ridiculous desicion, my screen it is much more beautiful.
  8. I agree. @Hime Please add Red Libra Event for 1 week to conformation with this update, and for latency/lag compensation.
  9. 04/19/2020 add 02 Enchant Cloak = +1 Elmore Cloak - Legendary
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