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  1. It actually seems worse now than before their attempted "fix", I've gone up 20 positions in queue in the past hour.
  2. Well it remains to be seen, still 90 left in queue and I've been waiting for over an hour now, I hope it works at least.
  3. Things are considerably easier since the adena fix, duh. Also most people who play this game are massive nolifers, I fully expect to see C grade before long now
  4. Why on earth would anyone still be doing this crap when the rates are fixed now? You can literally make adena better absolutely anywhere else now.
  5. It's the same xp curve as it is in skelth and it took me about 7 months to get a character to 77, so it's really not that bad.
  6. And what will you do when you're mid 30's and can't kill mobs with your low D pole anymore? And it's not like higher mobs even drop more adena so you can buy better gear and at some point the mobs you can kill will be blue so you won't get exp or adena from them anyways. Gonna level more characters to grind out spider quest? I guess enjoy having a top D weapon about a year from now then.
  7. People can have several computers you know
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