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  1. Some people may have 6/7 key mats and just dont have the patience to farm the last one. So they just buy the last part. I know I would if it was tedious. Even if it is overpriced to buy all 7, just 1 isn't bad.
  2. Just noticed its blocking me on all my devices not just my one pc. Wth? Not botting or cheating, just a regular player...
  3. Getting randomly kicked. I try to log in but it says I cant connect to the update server. Also I cannot access the website. After about 5 mins i can access everything like normal. Any idea why this just started happening?
  4. Tired of waiting in queue to log in (both VIP and non vip accounts). Are people leaving at a fast enough rate for me to wait this out? I'm not sure if the population is going to grow or shrink at this point. 6500 people online on TI all the time, around 5000 for Aden.
  5. I've played since the game opened and have multiple 20+ chars, and only have made 240k arena. I haven't even bought anything. How are some people making so much? Someone said they made 100k an hour with a level 15.
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