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  1. they cannot progress fast w/o buffs and proper gear, the top players need to work for everything. On lvl 45 with the correct party setup they will probably try kill few lvl 36+ RBs with 3-4 parties to gear up and progress easierfaster further up.
  2. Solution for queue

    y idd.. since so literal.. nothing really dies..
  3. Solution for queue

  4. Solution for queue

    STFU, They just need to buy better equipment and maybe better Engineers all the rest you say is child talk PS: But they won't because they know, is expected, the final population will land to 2 ~ 3k players,, check this post in 6 months.
  5. Ilogical rates: Aden!!!!!

    dont worry guys.. soon shop will have everything available for bnuy.. who told you u have to grind to get Adena - consumables - everything else.. soon On L2 Store, afterall is clearly P2W
  6. Something wrong is happening.

    only thing u can do is wait for support.. and the next thing you should do is learn from this for future purchases.. dont give much Euro to something you have not tested just because you have big hope about 2c.
  7. Random Ban JUJI My Love ?

    i bought gamepad for dark souls 3.. what..?!
  8. givaway

    Quitting giving items adena
  9. Let’s go on strike

    It's funny how community divides just because some need more time to Understand what others find obvious
  10. If this is true ..

    feels like u all got scammed
  11. BTW, about the servers comparison you should add that on Skelth when launched 3 years ago all Teleport required Adena to use them, so that was huge Adena sink.. of course one had always the option to run from one location to another.. In NA all teleport between towns are free
  12. the word Classic is used as a promo mostly, this Server as long EU classic are not the real Classics as back on 2004 for many reasons. the correct word would be New SEASONED Lineage 2 redesigned (or as marketing would say "NEW POLISHED FUN HC Experience) But why say all these?? just Classic and hello $$, Is good to be hyped about something but really paying it w/o 1st testing it is pretty dumb guys .. rly.
  13. lol.. people who say that usually are the 1st one to cry out "What happened to population.. No reason to play here all left :O" and then they quit.. gg