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  1. Solution for queue

    wait online 1.5k after 2 mounth this "p2w" model
  2. "fishers is good. i want play with 4k afk fishers and 1.5k live players (after month 500 players), but i will have stew" - stupid capitalistic pig logic
  3. 3k afk fishermans and adena sellers, good job
  4. WTB comp. bow shafts 22k

    pm ingame "Sleep or "YOB
  5. fishing and afk is main trouble. not a boxes. cuz boxes for convenience
  6. I do not speak only to myself, i am interested in objective reality .
  7. No chance login for vip 0 players, cuz 2k++ ppl afk fishing. afk dancing. use tripleboxes etc. Why u position yourself as f2p?