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  1. Oh I can answer to this one: I made a ticket and it appears that the game update we currently play on features that version of Zaken. This is not a bug, this is the intended behaviour for Zaken. I find it ridiculous considering the rewards, but it's the way it is. Fight the clan that does it on your respective server. With the current teleport mechanic in the middle of pvp, bring SE and put vampiric rage on Zaken, then teleport to ruins of agony, and repeat every time they cleanse it. It doesn't cost much and it is efficient. If not enough, then u can use tank pulls to make the healers us
  2. This would not work. They put 1 char lvl 65+ in the CC and they get 0 xp and voila no need to delevel. Removing xp penalty on death is a big deal, a huge change to the game towards casual. I would vote against if we had a voice
  3. I forgot to talk about queues Like everyone I let my computer running with 2 clients, so that I do not ever get to wait to connect. Some non VIP do the same and hit NPC. Do you think this is viable? I think this bleeps up the server more than opening more slots. I think fishing should be taken out of the game (it has nothing to do with the Lineage 2 I know), and I also think that once every 1 hour we should ALL fill a captcha to stay in game. This would change the game sooooo much. Less boxes, less bots, more active players, more slots per server... But you don't want that. You want
  4. I'm just a random player, I'm waiting for a few things IRL to move on, and while doing that, I felt like I could enjoy some good old MMO. The servers opened, I heard about it, and here I come, ready to discover what everyone calls "classic". I got a lvl 20 artisan, a lvl 21 spoiler, a lvl 40 sorc (reroll to get death whisper, one day maybe), a lvl 55 SE (main), and some trash chars for funzies. Call me crazy, I've been playing 6 to 16 hours a day since launch (I took a few days break here and there), and here's what I've learnt: - This game is not the good old Linea
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