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    Oh I can answer to this one: I made a ticket and it appears that the game update we currently play on features that version of Zaken. This is not a bug, this is the intended behaviour for Zaken. I find it ridiculous considering the rewards, but it's the way it is. Fight the clan that does it on your respective server. With the current teleport mechanic in the middle of pvp, bring SE and put vampiric rage on Zaken, then teleport to ruins of agony, and repeat every time they cleanse it. It doesn't cost much and it is efficient. If not enough, then u can use tank pulls to make the healers useless until the main destro tanking zaken dies. Same technic if you are in danger with your tank just GK away. Retarded gameplay, but we have to deal with it.
  2. This would not work. They put 1 char lvl 65+ in the CC and they get 0 xp and voila no need to delevel. Removing xp penalty on death is a big deal, a huge change to the game towards casual. I would vote against if we had a voice
  3. I forgot to talk about queues Like everyone I let my computer running with 2 clients, so that I do not ever get to wait to connect. Some non VIP do the same and hit NPC. Do you think this is viable? I think this bleeps up the server more than opening more slots. I think fishing should be taken out of the game (it has nothing to do with the Lineage 2 I know), and I also think that once every 1 hour we should ALL fill a captcha to stay in game. This would change the game sooooo much. Less boxes, less bots, more active players, more slots per server... But you don't want that. You want many box / bots with VIP.
  4. I'm just a random player, I'm waiting for a few things IRL to move on, and while doing that, I felt like I could enjoy some good old MMO. The servers opened, I heard about it, and here I come, ready to discover what everyone calls "classic". I got a lvl 20 artisan, a lvl 21 spoiler, a lvl 40 sorc (reroll to get death whisper, one day maybe), a lvl 55 SE (main), and some trash chars for funzies. Call me crazy, I've been playing 6 to 16 hours a day since launch (I took a few days break here and there), and here's what I've learnt: - This game is not the good old Lineage 2 I wanted to play. It's a version so tweaked that you encounter annoying bugs here and there that gives you this uncomfortable feeling of playing a beta (small things like lvl 1 to 40 displaying everyone as fighter in party, the lvls displayed on buffs from scrolls being wrong, the quest rewards being different from what is written like the 3200 a for spider quest where it stated 1000 in game ****FIXED HAHAHA APPLAUSE TY*****, or the transfer quest that say u'll get 250k xp but u get between 150 and 180k...). - The amount of bots is not the problem yet, it's the lack of administration that sucks. "Don't do forum threads, go write a support ticket". Ok. I did a ticket. Elvenerino still farms with his 2 boxes. He's online 20h/24, he's really behind his computer 1-2h a day max. He just changed spot since my report. Not in IT anymore, just SoS now... A few days after my ticket has been closed. I understand that a guy with probably VIP4 on 3 characters matters more than a single account with VIP3 (fading to 2 sorry), but stop the hypocritical forum bashing, you do not intend to do anything about bots, and tickets are just ignored, you answer "We are investigating" and you do jackshit. If it was just lvl 1 to 20 characters farming low zones for adenas, I would shut it, but lvl 40+ fully geared chars farming important spots where you drop books worth from 500k to 6kk, it's just bleeping the game up. - Buying from adenas sellers is a better option than buying from the L2Store. If you do not do anything against bots, do not complain if everyone buys their character already built, or adenas, and do not pay NCWest in the process. - Let's assume the rates are what they are, we play a game that is not L2, all databases are wrong, we have to build a new one. THEN DO NOT TWEAK THEM AFTER GOING LIVE. And moreover, do not tweak SOME areas and not the rest. Either you make a big change and we start anew and understand the new rates and change our databases, or you don't do anything, but "fixing" some zones is admitting that you did shit and completely breaking the game for people who played with the previous rates. I did play 1 to 40 BEFORE the adenas x2. - What else did you tweak? I like the fact that you made your own game, but AT LEAST DECLARE IT FFS. Do not brag about GOOD OLD NOSTALGIC experience if you do a different game. Lvl 55 takes a lot more XP than lvl 56. So there are some kind of big steps. This is new. Thanks for noticing. Spoil rates are so weird that I don't want to talk about it. - What the heck is wrong with administration? Every single maintenance takes 1 to 3 hours more than expected. Aren't you pro with hosting L2 after 10+ years? What is new? What did you tweak so hard? - The more accounts you have, the stronger you are. Halloween event was such a BAD MOVE that I can't even understand how you guys really came up with this. A chance for a TRADEABLE top D weapon for 3 hours of afk per account per day. This bleeped up the economy real hard. Why is this thing tradeable? Some people made 10+ accounts just for that shit. 3 accounts per computer... Some people even found a bug to be able to do this on every single char of the account, so 6 halloween boxes x10+ accounts per day. No matter how low the chance was, some top D were so frequent that we see +10 xbows already. And yes, there's a final S, there are several +10 bows. Let's quick math here. Let's assume the enchant success rate between +3 (excluded) and +14 is 66%. You are the lucky owner of a +3 Xbow. You have 66% of getting a +4. 43,56% of getting a +5 28,74% of getting a +6 18,97% of getting a +7 12,52% of getting a +8 8,27% of getting a +9 5,45% of getting a +1. This means that without glitches, one guy should overenchant 15+ weapons to be sure to get a +10. => I thought there was a 3 account limit per player, and I myself tried to connect 2 boxes with success, but I see plenty players with more boxes. Some even state it openly "yes I have several computers lol noob". Wtf? Is it L2 having a full CP made out of boxes? OK. To people who will tell me how bad I am to not be lvl 60 with my in game time, I'll have to provide a quick answer: I'm not playing competitively. I'm trying to have fun, communicating a lot in game, and not optimizing as much as I could / should, were I to run for top lvl. I didn't come here with a full CP, and I do not want to get involved into any of the current strong sides (Lotus / Skynet on Giran serv), as they are full of egocentric bastards that I can't stand So yeah. I'm low lvl, low gear, but still trying to get the best experience out of it. All in all, the game is still fun in some aspects, with hardcore grinding, interesting pvps, but the company hosting that thing just slowly makes me wonder WHY THE HECK DID I COME BACK TO OFFICIAL? What's the point when all that comes to my mind every day / every maintenance is: what will be their next move to bleep the game up for a handfull $$$? Cheers.