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  1. SwordSingers WEAPON

    Nothing stopping us from using 2h swords
  2. Stun

    Only thing that affects stun resist is praying that you're 5+ levels higher than the person trying to stun you. That's actually the case with pretty much any debuff

    Only one clan has war with them and it's 1 party that tries to gank raids with cdl then pr.
  4. This is correct, although I'm not sure what you'd make on bp parts now with as hard as the market price on full bps has tanked. On TI you can find them for almost 20m(they were floating around 50-55 before the great quitting that was the pendent event).
  5. Swordsinger skill level 76.

    My point was that a BD cannot dance with anything equipped except for dualswords, a SWS can sing with anything equipped(or no weapon for that matter). So a BD is literally restricted to dualswords to an extent or they're useless.
  6. Nice to see the higher level missions finally being added. Do 50% and 100% runes stack? @Hime I don't think I saw any mention of that.
  7. Releasing oly isn't going to fix the problems that have been created. As soon as the first month is done and heroes are named there's going to be even less pvp which is already nonexistent. And it's not just an issue with timeliness of the updates, the patch we just got was horrendous in terms of content. Baium and Zaken were added except there are very few parties that can enter even the instances, definitely not enough to kill either.A grade was introduced but the items to unseal it weren't? 3rd class transfers were opened but the magical tablets to get your key skills are seemingly nonexistent? And neither of these can be obtained through oly because it isn't in the game... The only things that could have been added that people could look forward to is 6x and 7x dailies and clan arena, and we got neither. From my perspective, as a player, the only thing that was added were a few new xp zones for people to bot in while everyone else is busy fighting over open field boss loot and killing them for xp.
  8. which class should i play?

    All light elf fighter classes are rare. I see more groups shouting for bd over sws, not sure if that's due to bd being preferred in xp parties or just coincidence that the parties I see always already have a sws. It's honestly hard to say anything about a lot of classes since 80% of people running around are either pr, necro, sph, or pony summoners. I'd imagine sr and pw are good it's just harder getting them high level. Pretty sure tk is never going to be better than any other tank from the updates in Korea that I've seen.
  9. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    Level cap was never set to 70, people were 76-78 before the most recent update. NC said "content" is capped at 70, however there were mobs in the game higher than 70 so not exactly sure what they were on about.
  10. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    62,000 ncoin for one book, which would be $775 USD before tax. Seems viable
  11. Magic Tablets + Forgotten Island

    That feel when your parties are 76+ but can't get the items to get your key 3rd class skills. That feel when you have multiple A grade armor sets but the items to unseal them aren't in the game.
  12. I bought 25 with the intention of only trying to get a lvl 1 ++ for the exp bonus. Out of those 25 one made it to +7.
  13. Swordsinger skill level 76.

    SWS can use whatever weapon it wants and still have the ability to sing, not the case for a BD. If that's the case that is unfortunate. I figured it was probably a typo but I was hoping daggers would be included in the list of compatible weapons.
  14. Swordsinger skill level 76.

    I've wondered the same thing. I always preferred sws over bd because I hated being restricted to a specific weapon. If that skill requires duals that is unfortunate... We probably won't find out until the update gets here.
  15. Gludio Castle Siege

    That's because these are unfortunately Brazilian servers now. They have catered more and more to that region ever since GoD and the f2p model released for us. That's just how it is.