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  1. @Juji will mysterious shots convert over like normal shots with the update?
  2. Does that rune stack with the normal 50% rune?
  3. This is what I was thinking. Perhaps a cake that spawns in each of the 5 starting villages but make them have 1/5 of the hp that way if you happen to be in an area where there aren't many people you don't have to sit there for hours trying to kill it with only a few people. Or make the cake spawn more often but put a cd on the npc that resets twice per day so at max you can get it twice per day like it was intended. Basically anything to not have 1500+ people in the same area at once.
  4. There is apparently a bug with xp loss related to level 80, I'm not sure if it has to do with deleveling specifically or if it's just the xp loss past 80 period. Someone in clan died that is level 80 and lost 10%. That deleved them, they ended up dying again and lost another 10%.
  5. S grade is near impossible to get so don't worry. Even if NA managed to start killing epics the S grade craft packs you get are only 30% recipes and the drop rate on them is low.
  6. Alcohol.....what? This has become an issue with developers and this is a good example. They need to force devs to reveal the odds for this kind of crap because nothing is stopping them from putting the odds of all items at .001% except the trash ones which make up the overwhelming majority. I can't really feel sorry for anyone that bought these though, with the higher dollar amount per box and the fact that there are buff scrolls and heal pots in the reward list, it was easy to tell that this would not be worth investing a dime in. Although it was a nice touch adding the cloth pieces
  7. As far as I know they haven't added S80 yet in KR, but they did just add Kamaels so I'd guess S80 would soon follow. And obtaining the gear isn't the issue, it's the fact that unsealing it is impossible until clan arena is implemented. And if getting 6 cloths to unseal a low A grade set is impossible, what does that make S grade when it requires ~80 cloths? The upgrade system is viable for weapons(at least to the point that you need elite B grade varnishes since they drop from Zaken/Baium), it's out of the question for armor though. I know of a handful of +6 Blue Wolf sets, you can't
  8. It's hard telling what we'll get out of the normal update though. I don't think we've had a complete patch since NA classic released... We still don't even have all of the features from the patch we're on.
  9. L2wiki is best but with the most recent update on their server a lot of the drop tables are not the same as what is in our version, TOI and AL for example.
  10. https://www.lineage2.com/news/baiums-mystery-box p2w boxes
  11. I think just the clan that's creating the ally needs lvl 5. On TI, Isforce was the only clan in that ally that was lvl 5, the rest were lvl 4.
  12. To add to what Juji has told you, /time (I think that's the command, not home to check) is in game time only.
  13. @Hime @Juji the servers are sucking again
  14. Leveling around server launch is not comparable to leveling now. As long as you're level 20 and have a cmg you can go smack 60+ raids and get stupid amounts of xp. Obviously this was not a thing the first 2 or 3 months of the servers. There also were no 100% runes or scrolls, I think just 30% scrolls and maybe not even the 50% rune at the beginning unless you bought the pack before server launch(can't remember for sure). Not to mention the 6x dailies weren't in the game until a few weeks ago. So yeah, I'd say 73 playing since October is pretty good. The only people I know of that are much
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