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  1. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    62,000 ncoin for one book, which would be $775 USD before tax. Seems viable
  2. Magic Tablets + Forgotten Island

    That feel when your parties are 76+ but can't get the items to get your key 3rd class skills. That feel when you have multiple A grade armor sets but the items to unseal them aren't in the game.
  3. I bought 25 with the intention of only trying to get a lvl 1 ++ for the exp bonus. Out of those 25 one made it to +7.
  4. Swordsinger skill level 76.

    SWS can use whatever weapon it wants and still have the ability to sing, not the case for a BD. If that's the case that is unfortunate. I figured it was probably a typo but I was hoping daggers would be included in the list of compatible weapons.
  5. Swordsinger skill level 76.

    I've wondered the same thing. I always preferred sws over bd because I hated being restricted to a specific weapon. If that skill requires duals that is unfortunate... We probably won't find out until the update gets here.
  6. Gludio Castle Siege

    That's because these are unfortunately Brazilian servers now. They have catered more and more to that region ever since GoD and the f2p model released for us. That's just how it is.
  7. Looping Macros

    Looping would also make the use of drivers less of an advantage. Still not as good as having a live person on your account but it's probably the next best thing(excluding a program).
  8. Our bishop just got banned specifically for account sharing, I think the account got locked for having 2 CC's on the account(which I told them after the fact that they were cautioning people to not do that here on the forums), the account owner had to confirm all of the CC's that were on the account plus some other questions about the account. After that support responded that they were locking the account for account sharing lol... I don't know if the people responding to the tickets are new to L2 but I have never seen an account locked for sharing since I started playing in 2004. Thank goodness we got rid of those scum though and not the bot trains in Cruma 2 that have been running for the past week(at least). So beware to anyone that is logging an account that wasn't created by them, apparently they're banning for it now.
  9. Warning to those that are account sharing...

    I play on TI but I'm sorry to hear that someone has ruffled your feathers to this extent. Every game has a catch-all clause that states they can lock your account for whatever they want at any time. Account sharing in the EULA is irrelevant as they haven't enforced it for the entirety of the game's life. It's funny that you mention chargebacks. The owner of that account had 10 months of VIP 4 built up on it and requested NC to move the ncoin to his main account as at the time we had no plans to use this account anymore. Rather than move the ncoin they said they would refund it instead. The thing is after they refunded it all the account still had VIP 4 status on it, so we were speculating that maybe that flagged the account somehow even though it was their brilliant idea to refund everything to begin with.