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  1. 4 minutes ago, killerPrice said:

    Spawning the cake ( even with no rewards) will still mean the server will lag. Unless, of course, you spawn a cake + a Fioti in every town, so as to not gather everyone in the same place.

    This is what I was thinking. Perhaps a cake that spawns in each of the 5 starting villages but make them have 1/5 of the hp that way if you happen to be in an area where there aren't many people you don't have to sit there for hours trying to kill it with only a few people. Or make the cake spawn more often but put a cd on the npc that resets twice per day so at max you can get it twice per day like it was intended.

    Basically anything to not have 1500+ people in the same area at once.

  2. There is apparently a bug with xp loss related to level 80, I'm not sure if it has to do with deleveling specifically or if it's just the xp loss past 80 period. Someone in clan died that is level 80 and lost 10%. That deleved them, they ended up dying again and lost another 10%.

  3. 14 minutes ago, Immabe said:

    My man, why are bringing this up here? If ppl want to spend $5 or $1000 or more, I think that should be their choice. With this kind of logic you might as well start talking about alcohol and other **** that causes death in our society.. Please don’t deviate from the topic in this discussion. 


    This has become an issue with developers and this is a good example. They need to force devs to reveal the odds for this kind of crap because nothing is stopping them from putting the odds of all items at .001% except the trash ones which make up the overwhelming majority.

    I can't really feel sorry for anyone that bought these though, with the higher dollar amount per box and the fact that there are buff scrolls and heal pots in the reward list, it was easy to tell that this would not be worth investing a dime in. Although it was a nice touch adding the cloth pieces into the drop list, I'm sure people spent a lot of money on these boxes trying to get some of those to unseal their A grade.

    It's the same deal with all of their item enchanting events they do on live now except instead of the item you receive being a lottery, whether or not your enchant fails is the lottery(and the enchant success rates on those items are way lower than normal item enchanting).

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  4. As far as I know they haven't added S80 yet in KR, but they did just add Kamaels so I'd guess S80 would soon follow.

    And obtaining the gear isn't the issue, it's the fact that unsealing it is impossible until clan arena is implemented. And if getting 6 cloths to unseal a low A grade set is impossible, what does that make S grade when it requires ~80 cloths?

    The upgrade system is viable for weapons(at least to the point that you need elite B grade varnishes since they drop from Zaken/Baium), it's out of the question for armor though. I know of a handful of +6 Blue Wolf sets, you can't upgrade that to Majestic though, it has to be at least +10 and good luck making that.

  5. On 4/9/2019 at 8:17 PM, CJChief said:

    How is getting 73lvl after 6 months an achievment?

    it took me 10 days to lvl up from 1-64and the only grind i did was 1-20lvl chain quest and started rb from then onwards. I used all the store boosts available, ie rune 50,100% and exp scrolls. In those 7 days, i played around 8 hours a day.

    Fact here, it would be impossible to do, even with bot running 24/7 by grinding on spots, simply impossible. Exp here is not a real problem, the issue is with adena. On normal classics, you would lvl up by killing raid bosses and then spent 1-2 hours on some spots to get money for shots and ports, whereas here, spot farm is putting you behind with adena as well and on top of that horrible spoil rates.


    Leveling around server launch is not comparable to leveling now. As long as you're level 20 and have a cmg you can go smack 60+ raids and get stupid amounts of xp. Obviously this was not a thing the first 2 or 3 months of the servers. There also were no 100% runes or scrolls, I think just 30% scrolls and maybe not even the 50% rune at the beginning unless you bought the pack before server launch(can't remember for sure). Not to mention the 6x dailies weren't in the game until a few weeks ago.

    So yeah, I'd say 73 playing since October is pretty good. The only people I know of that are much higher than that either do raids with cdlers(one of the parties we play with did this and run boosts as well), bot, or aoe heart.

    I do agree that adena is the issue now even more so than it was on release. Same with sp depending on class.

  6. Only thing that affects stun resist is praying that you're 5+ levels higher than the person trying to stun you. That's actually the case with pretty much any debuff :P

  7. 2 hours ago, killerPrice said:

    The levels were updated from this last update, but the drops remain the same. You gotta trust me on that.

    This is correct, although I'm not sure what you'd make on bp parts now with as hard as the market price on full bps has tanked. On TI you can find them for almost 20m(they were floating around 50-55 before the great quitting that was the pendent event).

  8. 5 hours ago, CryDealer said:

    Every hero in this game can youse whatever weapon they like and want. However PASSIVE SKILLS restricts your choice to make...

    My point was that a BD cannot dance with anything equipped except for dualswords, a SWS can sing with anything equipped(or no weapon for that matter). So a BD is literally restricted to dualswords to an extent or they're useless.

  9. Releasing oly isn't going to fix the problems that have been created. As soon as the first month is done and heroes are named there's going to be even less pvp which is already nonexistent.

    And it's not just an issue with timeliness of the updates, the patch we just got was horrendous in terms of content. Baium and Zaken were added except there are very few parties that can enter even the instances, definitely not enough to kill either.A grade was introduced but the items to unseal it weren't? 3rd class transfers were opened but the magical tablets to get your key skills are seemingly nonexistent? And neither of these can be obtained through oly because it isn't in the game...

    The only things that could have been added that people could look forward to is 6x and 7x dailies and clan arena, and we got neither. From my perspective, as a player, the only thing that was added were a few new xp zones for people to bot in while everyone else is busy fighting over open field boss loot and killing them for xp.

  10. All light elf fighter classes are rare.

    I see more groups shouting for bd over sws, not sure if that's due to bd being preferred in xp parties or just coincidence that the parties I see always already have a sws.

    It's honestly hard to say anything about a lot of classes since 80% of people running around are either pr, necro, sph, or pony summoners. I'd imagine sr and pw are good it's just harder getting them high level. Pretty sure tk is never going to be better than any other tank from the updates in Korea that I've seen.