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  1. I love the game, one of my favourites, i just decited to post this about ncwest's greed since they litterally sold out for a quick revenue, as just want people opinions on the matter. Well if u like playing on a server that uses players for $ like cows for milk and gives u absolute crap in exchange be my guest good game to you. Oh and if ur tired of these posts just use ur own advice and dont read these posts. Simple isnt it?
  2. Hello all, I started playing on launch day, filled with excitement like most of you, to relive the old days of L2 when I was a young school boy coming after class just to play with my friends my favorite game. Alas, this is not what I was expecting, purposely reducing rates to push shop items for revenue, making some classes unplayable. Making stupid events to get Top D weapons just to kindle the spark for people to play here, selling and making events for EXP/SP scrolls just to compensate for messed up rates and money. Letting bots run wild around the server, letting use x3 box accounts and p
  3. Yup it was fun doing this event, I hope more ppl will come to the next event so we have bigger prizes and a fun competition
  4. So the second event just ended ~~~Event~~~ . We expected more people to make LMS buy only 3 guys showed up so we made 1x1 The event was fun lasted more than 40mins. at Gludin arena Participants: Siedun 1st Place. Prize - 400k and 50 EMP stews. TuttiFrutti 2nd Place. Prize - 200k and 25 EMP stews. SendLewds 3rd Place. Prize - 100k and 10 ENP stews. End. Events playout: SendLewds lost the fight against both players but took handsome reward for participation. Siedun and TuttiFrutti went on to the finnals to best out of 5 rounds. Siedun won the first 2
  5. @Juji @Hime guys what do you think about these events? with your help we could definetelly make a bigger LMS event, woyld apreaciate to sticky this thread. now on forum all you hear is this is bad that is bad those are worse.... bla bla bla. this community starts become an army of boring repetetive players who only complain, and event posts like this gets no reviews. Trying to bring some fresh action to server, but people are too busy complaining all the time
  6. So as my previous event ~~~Fridays event here~~~ was kinda of a success ( only 2 ppl showed up and we had to do 1x1 ) i would hope this would encourage more people to join upcoming event tomorrow on Sunday. Event time: Sunday 22:30 PM +1UTC @ Gludin arena, Giran server Tournament: 1. LMS style tournament max 16 players. 2. Level limit from 40 to 49. 3. No buffs allowed only potions from the grocery shop. So no stews aswell. 4. Players cooping together like healing each other and debuffing others in a team to split the winning, will be disqualified. 5. R
  7. Sorry event ended, i posted a new Thread on forum about upcoming event, go look if you want to participate
  8. So as my previous post sayd "Here" i was hoping on getting at least 16 players to LMS event, but 1 player showed up and one i had to find in town throu shout chat ( lazy arse server ) So we made 1x1 best out of 5. Winner gets 300k. Loser 100k. So here are the winner BrutinOz (winner by forfeit) 300k adena rewarded. And of course DeathBaron ( He won the fight 3:1 but gave winnings to BrutinOz and took 100k for 2nd place) Nice sportsmanship Next Event: Since this event was not as planed and only two people showed up, I hope this post encourages more ppl to
  9. Come one need one player we gonna fo 1x1 for 300k'adena'couse there are no players only 1
  10. Well what a bummer only 3 ppl participating, this server is like a 90 yr old man, limp and inactive
  11. Come on people dont miss out ot the tourney and chance at 300k we have 3 participants, even if we have 5 tournament will still be going
  12. Yeah becouse there was unscheduled maintenance at that time and everyone was loging back in just beforr maintrnance giran was 6.5k so whats ur point?
  13. Sure, althou I dont know what prices are on adena server, on giran I bought fish a month ago for 21/31 and sold Emp/vamp 350a and Guild grat 1.5k now the prices are almost doubled of fish ( almost triple of fresh fish )and stews since everyone competes for fish, basicly just look for current prices on ir server and work with that, there is no basic middle price to gonwiyh since prices can change any day, but lets not get off topic here, this topic is for tournament
  14. Second Thread New Time of the event (for reasons unknown i cant edit last post to change time....) Mods please delete last thread. So i stopped playing a few ago, however i still have my afk shops generating adena by reselling stews currently have about 5kk revenue so i tought why not give away some since im not playing. Tournament: Starts at 23:30 pm UTC+1 Friday in Giran server at Gludin arena Max of 16 players Entry lvl - everyone without a second class ( will check that by inviting to a party ) Anyone teamming up including Healing or puposly assisting
  15. No contestants yeat so mutch for fun in this server
  16. Good idea, couse i know theres alot of aholes who will come to ruin this but i dont know any sumonners since mostly i played solo and only afk shopping to get adena
  17. Read the whole post pls, it says its tomorrow
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