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  1. Again admins are answering store related questions only never to be seen on topics concerning adena scaling and spoil gg NCwest
  2. old comics from way back a bit of nostalgia trip while servers are down Comics
  3. The truth is... The game was rigged from the start.
  4. Are you moving servers to another country or somethings bleep
  5. whats this? why just no update option instead of updating while in game
  6. Any suggestions how to monitor the traffic of my internet to find oit ?
  7. Its third week, and its monday night now, before at this time we had full server with queue on Giran, and now its not even Heavy anymore and no queue at this time, btw 25% are bots and boxes so just wait till the server colapses, I played till now but also having doubts about this project... its a failure of a server and just a quick money grab
  8. Its getting annoying, while I play with my main char an never have gotten a disconnect while actively playing, my box char who is only for setting up shop, gets disconnected every few hours, today had ti reconnect 5 times already, and its inly when I leave my char on shop, its annoying that I leave a shop and come to see that I sold nothing couse got disconnected again
  9. Dont bother waiting for an answer from them, they dont answer unless it conserns profit to theyr wallets
  10. Nah, I didnt encounter any lag at all, even if torrents are on and chrome opened for youtube music, I trust my internet provider, since I never had DC problems on other servers, and can download torrents and play without lag
  11. I have been getting DC on my 3 accounts, first one gets dc, hour later another one, and so almost every 3-9 hours, I would think it has to do something with my internet if I would get DC on all account at the same time, but its mostly on one account and hours later on another, this way its inpossible to leave a shop overnight, in the morning my reveanu is 3k from expected 500k becouse an half hour later after putting the shop I get DC, most frequent DC happens at night. I played on other servers before and never I had a problem with DC, could hold shop 24/7 no problems, only server with a DC p
  12. Oh sorry server is Giran, I didnt want to post on server sub forum couse there no people who are reading those forums
  13. Since there is no Trade sub forum and server sub forums get no people at all there, imma post this here. So as the title says, I buy elven long sword rcp and blades, write here if u have any and we can figure out the time when to trade
  14. Yeah sometimes get DC when lvli g, sometimes while afk shops are put, its annoying as hell..... have ti check on the shops every hours, sometimes have to reconnect the shops 3-5 times a day... its nonsense
  15. People really cant read these days, ffs, how its my internet if one acc get dc while another is still online, I put 3 accounts in night for shops, and when I sometimes check on them one acc had DC, connect it again, after an hours or so another acc got dc.... nothing to do with internet
  16. Wrote in a first post, its not a internet problem... one account gets DC, next one maybe hour later or so, not all at once, its not the internet,I also play from EU, never have lag and never had problems with my provider
  17. They get banned, theybuse vpns change theyr ip new account spam again, get banned, repeat. this will never end u can ban them non stop, bots wont disappear from the game
  18. I like how forum automatically changes "pri.vate" to "illegal"....
  19. BUMP, ffs this is annoying as s**t, logged in for the night, hour late all chars DC, and im sleeping so no chance to put the shops again, what the fok is happening with these servers, in 12 years of playing on illegal servers never had so many problems on one server, from the start there been only problems and problems with these servers here and this is "official", ... any regular russian server could wipe theyr butt with this "official servers"
  20. Whats the deal with constand DCs 3-5 a day, cant even leave a shop for a few hours couse u get fakin dc, idk before I had vip and after its the same no diference same DCs every day only dif is no more queue, leave a shop for an hour and u sold nothing couse always get disconnected, what the hell (and no not my internet problem, the internet wasnt disturbed)
  21. Hmmm yeah, but im a bit paranoid about this anti bot program that theyr running on the client, so it wont ban me by thinking that commands come from other device to my mouse and keyboard, thus thinking that its a bot of somesort
  22. Nope no auto play, it has only mouse and keyboard option so you have to manually do everything like on PC
  23. So I have Google Remote Desktop app on my pc and mobile, basicly what it does, lets me see and control my PC from my phone, so when im not at home I can check on my afk shops and buy and sell items when needed, so the question is, is it legal? I dont know why it shouldnt be, basicly it the same as sitting at your pc but remotelly from other place, can I use it, or will that anti bot program on the client think its a illegal app and auto ban me? Here how it looks on mobile
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