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  1. Empower x190 | Vampiric Rage x180 stews 490a each /Target QuestuDarykle Dion Village Empower x110 | Vampiric Rage x51 stews 490a each | Sword Of Reflection P.Atck 24 75k /Target SpoilinuKaiNoriu Gludin Village Since there is no Sell/Buy thread i will post this here, and since half of server pop are afk shops and dual boxes selling goes slow
  2. Okay just bought vip, it was tricky, i tought i couldnt find the vip purchase when coins arrived but you had to purchase any item of vip point value
  3. So i purchased some coins to get VIP, i can see the coins on lineage2.com web site account, but they are nowhere to be found in game, so how do i transfer them to game or whats the deal?
  4. Hello, just bought ncoins for VIP, still have to wait 15 hours for queue to get vip so a question, where do coincs go if I have more than one char on account?
  5. So now vips have to wait in queue apparently and are crying on forums you were relentless to f2p players since this is f2p servers and no where it says vips should get quick access, so stop crying your selfs, or as you would advise f2p players( go to aden or quit)
  6. Ppl still get DC when they have to make room for vips
  7. Plenty of those server are still up, good example rpg russia. I would not mind paying subscription fees if all the players could play and form a community, but at this point half of the server sits at lv20 and the rest already 45+, I could pay for vip, but why??? why not just make a new eu server with option to transfer, and if in a long run pop decreses merge the servers, there would be plenty of paying ppl and a much larger community, and I bet with this queue sorted out more ppl would pay, btw some vips wait in queue as well, so whats up with that?
  8. Plenty of server are free to play and have payment like here and never encounter queue problems and vip only logins? so whats your point. Not giving non paying players an alternative while advertising as f2p is false advertising, so stop defending them internet warrior
  9. stupidest argument I have seen so far. Does flight companyes advertise free flights all the time and then ehile your by the gates they charhe you money so you could enter or wait another week to enter another plane (maybe), do they advertise that you can come and sit at any location without reservation? use your head, you have it for a reason ( I hope)
  10. So if for example T mobile advertises free Internet for 1 year for user that been clients for a decade, but then when you ask for it they ask you to pay 5$ a month, you would still pay? good going sheep
  11. yes and airport advertise free to travel tickets only to board people who pay what a comparison I would gladly pay, but not when half of player base has to abondon server becouse of false advertisement, use your head ur self, if you advertise server f2p and then abandon half of community becouse of greed, than whos the greedy one?
  12. Really a multimiolion dollar company of 14+ years old who have been receiving millions through out the years advertises f2p for all the players and then drops only vip play option. and thats ur argument?
  13. Read previous posts, either your read half of the post or your just playing plain ignorant without posability of argument two of your "arguments" already had to redirect to my previous posts, please read carefully first
  14. Plenty of suggestions were made, NA has Aden server, but where is euro server? Gladly if they would agree to transfer my chars to new euro server I would be there tday, but there is none
  15. Sure why not, what servers have you seen to hold 15k players for a long time? even rpg club 4 or 5 years ago started a new server, o. launch 10k+ players were online( was on that server) after a year? 3k max, and these days no one even remembers that server its been wiped and new server took place. Dont you think same wouldnt happen to your glorified retail?
  16. Im talking about when the player base will drop to the level of merge. read my previous post again, it seems you didnt quite understood
  17. Okay NA can start on Aden but what about europe? And yes many people have taken even free weeks of work to lvl to 45+ so starting a new would be a problem. Comunities and clans are already created, going to aden would mean to disband many clans and comunities, leave friends behind and your hard grind. Thants not an option
  18. They did try to improve they rep with this mew classic servers, also half of the pop never played here before so yes they expect quality, but seeying how it all plays out soon the players base will decrese without a quick fix before the damage is too great. And then what? they will merge TI and Giran into a inbetwen time zone with player base of 3k? like live servers now. If they want this to last to make them money they should bring a quick fix, otherwise reputation and expectations will drop, and there will be a short lived memory of a server
  19. Really? who cares? than whats the point of the game, I might as well just stay on Giran server and ay 1 hours a week, I will be lv 30 in a year, but who cares right its just a game
  20. No ofc they dont have the oblication to. But a huge player base are f2p, and so far they are choping head of theyr own reputation as a comunity and server with this queue nonsense
  21. Really 80-90%? have you asked them all? dont pull sh*t out of ur arse and call it a fact. As of if the game was advertised f2p there should not be a queue, posible cap increse or box reduction from the start ( too late for that). also stupid events like fishing takes up 1/5 of cap for what? transfers to aden maybe is good option for NA players if u dont have clan already thriving on TI and invested plenty of time.... So where should europeans go?
  22. Thats a nice way of saying "fok you". there are people banned for no reason becouse of broken bot report system, dont blame this on players, its NCwest mistake for inplementing broken bot report system in game. I can log my 3 box accounts in and report you for boting with all 3 account and you will be banned. Does that look like a good system?
  23. does it say "Free to posibly play" or "free to play" ? dont turn this on players base, sure theres tons of ppl who pay, but you cant expect all 100% of players to pay, servers should not be payment based if it was advertised as free, in case of payment base they shoud have made subscription base
  24. While on forum there is increasingly huge number of players complaining about this, while theres plenty of bots still playing, problem could be in bot alert button, so they ban players who have been alerted about by others without actually looking if theyr bots ir not
  25. Well the server is already a week and a half old, there are players already lv 45+, disableing box systen would be a mistake responsible in many box accounts wasted for nothing, they cant risk that, sure if it would have been imememted on server launch we wouldnt have queues now, and im all for only one account per player. It seems all they could do now is terminate fishing or make a new server for europeans and allow transfers from giran and TI to aden for NA players
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