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  1. But it does close connection even when your still at queue sometimes
  2. Howdy, so I'm all for boxing 3 accounts, but I've seen people with 7+ chars doing q and lvling, now what in the actual f. who needs 7 chars, I've made videos but maybe post later, couse mods won't review them anyways, i mean you have to have 3 pc's to run 7 chars, how is this even allowed
  3. Yeah, they gonna add more hats, great! Team of 3000 people cant launch a server properly and cant handle a problem in a week, keep on waiting
  4. You wish, how will they sell Vips then?
  5. grocery store I think the name is herbiel or something
  6. Go to elven village to do spore hunt, 1k per 10 items but way faster, spiders u do 30mins with all the bots and items droping 1 from 10 mobs, spore quest I do in 5 minutes 7 max couse theres no one there, and you get drop from spores quite often like pants and cotton shirt worth 1k, you one hit mobs, made about 70k in 3-4 hours, way faster than spiders
  7. Just wait for a next year maybe then its gonna be playeable, if any players are left
  8. What did you expect from there backward people, they cant solve any problems let alone try out the server before launching it, dont expect any fixes in months https://imgur.com/a/datyW9q
  9. Obvisously thats not how it supposed to be, and stil they didnt fix it so far?
  10. Since launch insaw plenty of D elf and humans doing the quest and getting the staff, after restart today its all backwards
  11. What the actual f.uck, first the spirith shots, now this s.hit? after making the quest for a weapon on my D.elf wizard i get to those fighter weapons..... srly, NCSoft what the actuall f.uck is happening with your servers, problem after problem, For f sake....... https://imgur.com/a/hV6XVvd
  12. might as well I put my char at 6am for fishing before work
  13. I guess they dont want proxy becouse of banned countryes, and they have over 13k ppl pkaying at the moment, thats more than enough for them I guess
  14. Playing from Netherlands here, had absolutely no delays or lags whats so ever, try using your cable instead of wifi, since wifi is not so realiable with real time games, especially if its cheap one
  15. Seriously why kick people who are already playing, this company is just milking L2 to the last drop, before server launch nothing was tested, becouse theres tons of bugs, obviously they jsut want the $ and dont give a fuk
  16. Seriously what the fu.ck are you doing NCwest???? kicking people from game becouse you have to make place for donators? Its fokin Pay 2 Play at this point, If i login in the morning in an hour i get DC becouse you have to make place for donators? And whats the point of the Queue if it always disconnects you when theres 0 ppl left? Not to mention various problems and bugs in the game.... Fuk sake a russian guy can make a better server solo that this "team"
  17. Thats bleeping awesome, pay 2 play, what kind of bull.shit is that?
  18. Seriously during game play I got disconnected and after trying to login for 8 fokin hours theres fokin queue. of 100-500 people, why the bleep you disconnect people? so the donators can log in? if thats the case than this is just another money grab, and srsly an official l2 server cant hold more than 5k ppl? bleep ive seen l2j servers with more
  19. Hello, so a quick question, There is 3 account limits per pc right? Couse i saw in forum ppl get suspended for running even 3 account? So whats the deal with that, Im curently running 3 account, 1 for buying, 1 for selling, and 1 main char, so is there posibility i get suspended too?
  20. I know those low level quests, made round 40k grinding those, but im talking about lv 20 and above
  21. But still, there arent any Adena quests left.... with this drop rate im gonna have D grade weapon at level 70
  22. Fount it, in Gludin village /target Johnson between weapons shop and blacksmith
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