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  1. Weap A and epic jewels going up price

    yeah i noticed that branch of mother three is already 500 milion, thats crazy
  2. forum is not the place to post or accuse anyone submit support ticket and stop spam
  3. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    randoms already crying over prices
  4. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    maybe just add proper weapon/armor drops like old zaken had
  5. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    i can send u 10 screens with same drops
  6. raid dont drop lvl 3 epics ketra/varka is not afk farm zone for most people, and gl with the 0.5 chance and if blood orchid sounds like epic drops for you then fine no competition for new bosses incoming because its more profitable to afk farm forgotten island
  7. Guys as eddi mentioned understand that iewb will wont exist in server anymore and you could only make weapon from d grade +15/16 to a 12... which will cost you bazilion no more rare top b weapons and way less mid a grade weapons, Branch of mother tree already 300 milions it will grow more if its rare af drop cloth piece? dont even get me started on that, completely removed from raid drops = only obtainable by the events and very expensive you think you frickk top clan when actually you do yourselfs
  8. level 3 epics? nobody ever said raids gonna drop lvl 3 epics, its lvl 1 as it was
  9. we don't want s grade, old drops were fine,some ppl say that now we cry while we never suggest to change zaken and now drops are so bad, that nobody will ever come to compete for 2k runes and d weapon varnish
  10. what does it matter how long it takes to kill ? zaken has 2x hp and 2xpdef now and 1/3 drop
  11. yeah, zaken harder to kill but drops 4 times less basic items stuff less enchants less runes
  12. new bosses base drop is rly low
  13. four sepulchers u can get and first books was from event
  14. same like admins put baium talisman imprint during event same as oriana was giving c +16 weapon to lucky people when everyone was max top c grade same as cake event gave a+15 when nobody had more than +10 b gun etc etc etc its event its luck, if you are not lucky you buy