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  1. Anyone else having lag spikes?
  2. @Sunshine Hello, my friend are having same problem described in this thread. Problem is there is something wrong with supports mails reaching his email. The initial mail of request received , after emailing support@lineage2.com is received correctly but then weird thing happens. There is no reply for 48 hours until automated system replies that they are closing the ticket because user did not reply and is marking it as solved. With this message arrives supports reply written after receiving ticket like few days ago. With this issue there is no way to communicate with support properly.
  3. its innova FROST THING, sad that nc korea dont even communicate with their publisher in eu about problems like that
  4. nobody is keeping you of trying to log 10 chars yourself, l2 is old game and not demanding even for 10 windows
  5. Main Class Question: - Can we change Main Class? If yes more Q are below. ( there is some promotions which let you do it, devs are working for this to be permanent feature in some far away update) - How can we change Class? (special npc + special ticket) - Do we have Race Class restrictions on some Class changes? (no idea) Dual Class Question: - Dose dual class exist on L2 Essence version? If yes more Q are below. (no) - How many Dual classes are we allowed to have on character? - What are the requirements for obtaining Dual Class? - Do we have
  6. They are all a The current tears are base a (mj/nm etc.) ice/stun gloves/mana helm/boots of evas etc. and top tear now are protection armors
  7. Its essential part of essence basically. When its on you get 300% exp boost, if you use extra boost (sayha storm) it gives 200/300% extra on top (based on version of storm) but doubles the consumption of sayha grace. If you party you consume more sayha grace, if you have and pet do dmg you consume more. There is 30 sayha pots per day to buy for adena/ 50 sayha grace mini pots from daily, but if you level even moderately fast it wont be enough and you will need to get it from cash shop.
  8. When you start essence most likely everyone will be getting pets around you. There will be this crazy fever of getting a pet, many ppl will even hunt atingo (champion mob which after killed might spawn you a pet) and sell you ability to kill pet(you kill pet npc and get the necklace to pick up) for adena. But i need to warn you all pets are huge waste of time if you don't know what are you doing. They consume lots of food which is expensive at game start and hp potions as well, they need transform books and spellbooks which only drop from bosses or offer lootboxes. They make you use more say
  9. Forum poll won't change these things.
  10. you can spoil and get few extra random craft charge materials, thats it
  11. No, cardinal is so hard without any p2w, has big mana problems which can't be solved without orfen earring +2. 500 hp pots replace any need of the healer who dies too fast to be useful, avoid it. Dominator is okey after 76 with mana but also useless if no p2w to become tanky. GK is good in combo with few other titans because he is faster than them can hex and catch prey and knockdown first to make titans catch up.
  12. Google frost lord patch notes from innova, most likely will be near identical.
  13. Essence has 3v3 olympiad, that wont change, this poll is pointless. Essence olympiad is random af. You don't pick your teammates, you get them at random. Also there is no WIN/LOSE ranking so you might get 2 lvl 60 warsmith with you vs 3 lvl 90 dks with xforms. People disconnect, people who want help clan mate stand afk and don't fight. There is also a random buff from lvl 1-5 for 60s before fight starts which if you get lucky and get 4/5 lvl most likely will double your stats and make you win fight just by luck. So don't stress over olympiad its just a way to do daylies to get 500 hp
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