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  1. Free player in Classic

    at this point in the server nope
  2. Real L2c with a fresh start

    dont waste your time, nothing is going to change, the change would happen only if you all would stop buying p2w shit the only problem i see is that they mismanaged server starting with the rates and many other things, if there was more ppl playing, heck just player who could just farm with few chars and be able to afford shots without going to minus servers would have way higher online, and they wouldnt have to go so baliistic with p2w
  3. anything new on new updatE?
  4. any chances to add no exp loss to classic too or high/low char lvl up?
  5. @Juji so d/c/b/a and so on crystals will be useful only for crafT?
  6. @Tool_of_Society you think from wrong perspective ->rune sales
  7. just sad 150% exp is only good for rb farmers who farm rbs in mornings
  8. just turn exp even for a week and watch rune 100% sales go up
  9. yeah got 100% rune but servers down nonstop
  10. lmao...wait huh?

    new accs often get banned for some reason better not to put anything in them
  11. 80kk xp in two minutes on RB....

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/496078311810924584/558293696404127744/answer.jpg hardcore
  13. daily free pendants, exp boost event, maybe some ppl will come back