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  1. top pvp clan lf top pvp players 40+
  2. are items like improved enchant armor c-b in the random craft?
  3. at least some guide of how to get some items
  4. I SUGGEST adding level 85 death knights with improved drops to lvl 80 raids, to make raiding more interesting ,rewarding and bring new items in server economy.
  5. NOTE: 2nd l2 store event with really bad pricing, completely ridiculous tbh, 23 shiny bars for cloth piece and 1 shiny bar costing 80nc coin.. so 1 box = 1 golden bar + reward 4 golden bar = xp scroll 100% xp From 1 night coins box = 1 dragon elixir That Golden Bar exchange rate is total joke 40 000 NCoins for 18 agathion tickets or 40 000 NCoins for 3 stable enchant Aghation, wich fail 90% of the time 40 000 NCoins for 90 Gemstone S-grade IS THIS GREED OR JUST SIMPLE INCOMPETENCE?
  6. yes cursed bones are expensive and you gain nothing for it it was balance mechanic to handicap necromancers but now you pay extra to farm or risk farming with cdl (many pk chars) for debuffs which dont land and summon which dies from 1 hit and any boss 1 hit.
  7. Please request the devs for attendance event, red libra event is very weak.
  8. L2 Coin drop reduction

    MAYBE NEXT patch we will get full l2 coin store unlock, if not this sucks
  9. Most farming zones are also filled with farming trains of farmers and there are no legit people there, ppl who still play they just buy nc store stuff sell it and then buy gear/shots and farm attributes zones which dont drop adena.
  10. Classic is a joke

    you are wrong, its summer, go make ppl play games when weather is good also not all sieges are fight cuz if some side missess some key players that day it wont happen, go play something else
  11. Red Libra event? Big Mistake...

    Prices change all the time, deal with it.
  12. I would like to thank admins for listening to player feedback and adding random transform event. @Juji
  13. Ruin of agony

    delete ruins of agony mobs
  14. create new accounts

    i dont get how new ppl are supposed to created accounts after 2 tries they will just give up