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  1. any back info on epic lvl bump?
  2. @Juji Because of the new changes i think its time you reworked silver coin shop to help new players and added soul shot tickets there. Also running perpetual attendance event which mainly would focus on shot tickets, potions, simple buff scrolls, that would help new players too. Also maybe we get real starter packs in nc store? robe/heavy/light armor+wep pack?
  3. Bring back SpiritShots for the poor mages

    yeah so they wont even deny they just want to make less work for themselves and doesn't even care or have analyst team which analyses different pop/age servers and make adjustments to have best experience
  4. All Mats Worth 0 ..

    its because patch is not adjusted for 1.5 year old server, is cut and dry same as for 5 year old korean one where top people are 89 lvl, it just baffles me the decision making of devs to destroy casual players farming even in starting days of server it took months of crying to implement some decent adena drops now again rip mats/parts, butcher fish which was basically the main source of income of new players who just sold exp fish to high level players. Even if you think about it no new player will invest money to his char and buy event items from nc store if he is shunned away by not even able to farm enough to buy shots and slowly upgrade gear they lost thousands of dollars if not millions of income from many players who quit before they started
  5. we just get korean patches without any adjustment to our server age, there newbie armor/wepon packs exist to buy for ncoin here there is no such thing, the only thing you can do is buy ncoin, buy event items and sell to other players it will give you enough adena to buy gear and farm higher lvl areas where u can try to make adena, but basically you need to spend real money also if you plan to play later for pvp, dont lvl tyrant, level elemental master or warlock or necromancer
  6. icons

    can we can action and clan icons back to lower right corner? they have that patch in korea

    if he logs to do buffs then 90% server will cry nobody annouced there gonna be more buffs and there will be even more crying, so enjoy your angel cat 5% hp for pevepe

    me and my friends can't get in the game and use our runes during exp event, BIG THANKS
  9. Free player in Classic

    at this point in the server nope
  10. Real L2c with a fresh start

    dont waste your time, nothing is going to change, the change would happen only if you all would stop buying p2w shit the only problem i see is that they mismanaged server starting with the rates and many other things, if there was more ppl playing, heck just player who could just farm with few chars and be able to afford shots without going to minus servers would have way higher online, and they wouldnt have to go so baliistic with p2w
  11. anything new on new updatE?
  12. any chances to add no exp loss to classic too or high/low char lvl up?
  13. @Juji so d/c/b/a and so on crystals will be useful only for crafT?