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  1. ANTHARAS: With the power of P2W invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may now kiss the demon bride! And as for you CORE, you can get the flock out of here! No one likes you and a Lv. 4 ring from you cost less than 500kk!
  2. HellBride in search of Buffalo Wild Wings in Talking Island Server! Also, SHOUT OUT to our amazing community and all the beautiful ladies who play L2!!!
  3. All your updates do not reflect what the majority of your players want. I was personally hoping for new locations to hunt and adjusted drop rates so we can afford to farm with shots, ores, potions, etc... The game is grossly saturated and people have to kill each other just to have a decent place to hunt. The game is also in a wreck because of all the FARM-BOTS dominating questing areas, as well as favorable hunting spots. And, why don't you bring back the option where we can sell materials back to the NPC shops for adena. Someone told me NC Soft removed that option to limit the farmers,
  4. Or even better... Make dwarves useful again and give them a skill that gives you the option to deposit items you pickup straight into your warehouse. How-bow dah cash me ousside!
  5. Great! Please do not compensate us where we have to go to town every time to get a silly buff. Make it automatic without us having to go anywhere to get it, because that is just compounding an inconvenience on top of another inconvenience. Yours Truly, HellBride
  6. Actually I lied. If you press restart, a window should pop up and allow you to select "Item Acquired." Another window should expand and show which toons received L2 Coins, and you guys are absolutely correct that only toons who do damage get the coins. Hope this answers some questions... I love and enjoy this community and I am hopeful that they will listen to us and keep us connected to this amazing game... Respectfully, HellBride
  7. I have not seen one L2 Coin drop in GOB (Garden of Beasts) for weeks now. You sure that the elemental zones are the only places where it isn't dropping? Respectfully, HB
  8. Tell me about it! They create a policy against RMT, but they leave many players no choice with unsustainable adena drop rates and quantity! They increase "chat level requirements" to silence the farmers selling adena, but they keep their business flourishing, because players cannot afford and keep up with the cost of the grind. No one farms at Varka and Ketra, because of how difficult the mobs are along with the terrible drop rates. Adena should drop in elemental zones, because there isn't enough places to farm. It's become so ridiculous, that players in the same clan or alliance are figh
  9. They raised the level to the chat restrictions: The chat restrictions have been updated to the following: General/Whisper - Can chat at level 30 Shout/Market - Can chat at level 40
  10. There is a new crafting system that you can apply your mats and get crafting points. Just read up on it under "News" on the Lineage 2 home page.
  11. You might have combat mode on. It's the sword icon on your auto-hunt interface. Just click it off...
  12. You can easily farm Garden of Beast just outside of Goddard or the first rooms of Giant's Cave. You can also do Hot Springs and get your dailies done...
  13. This says October 14 and we want to know what the maintenance will bring today - October 21... Thank you...
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