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  1. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    We were all there once before. Did you follow the quest from starter village?
  2. Quests

    There are still some quests, but they are limited and have evolved into Daily Missions. Send me your discord nick and we can help you advance in the game.
  3. Pk Points

    Doesn't reduce your actual STATS, but it does reduce your speed, PDEF, MDEF, etc... Also, depending on how much karma you have, you won't be able to use escape features, like teleport. If you have PK points, but you aren't in a chaotic state then your character is back to normal and there is not penalty, but on the other hand if you have 4 or more PK's you can drop items if you go red again.
  4. Whats so Classic about this? Nothing

    Join our community discord and we'll advise you how to get spell books without having to farm it all day. Send me your nick if you're interested.
  5. resurrection %

    I believe max is 90% no matter what else you do.
  6. Macro DD-Support

    Send me your discord nick and I'll explain it to you.
  7. Question about Server Changes

    Hi. We have a small L2 community discord and we can help answer some of your questions. Just message me your discord nick.
  8. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    Claim your VIP 1 points from L2 store and there is reward for players Lv 39 and below either in L2 store or L2 coin shop.
  9. Where/How do you get a cloak on Classic ?

    You can get Zaken cloak by doing quest that begins in Giran's warrior guild.. You can also buy cloaks from L2 store when its available.
  10. Wow sorry to hear about your d/c issues... I don't experience any of that... My concern is they are removing too much content from the game and not replacing them with other things the community can do. The result is everyone looping because there is nothing else to do. I guess you can run around with a perma-red and drive the remaining players to quit because of non-stop pointless grieving... To sum it up the game is pointless now... Everyday I have to talk myself into staying because of the few friends I have left in this game. It's a sad situation... I'm beginning to believe they don't care about Classic anymore. They let down the people that brought them to the top! We were the original community! How blind can they be... Condolences, Teddy
  11. You can buy 2 sets of A Grade Armor for the price of 1 Cloth, and it takes 5-7 Cloths to unseal 1 set. It's not fine!
  12. Yes too many simple things that can be addressed to improve the game immensely. Also 50-90kk for 1 cloth! That is pathetic! Please do something to fix the economy like cloth event, blood crystal event, evolution stone event, etc.. It can't go on like this! Bring back the daily quests where you can earn Evolution Stones! Make Blood Crystals more accessible in L2Store or event! ...And please, please, please do something about the cloths! Respectfully, DT
  13. Mobs re-spawning on rocks and objects

    Please fix the issue that mobs re-spawn on top of rocks and/or objects after you kill them. There can sometimes be a dozen or more mobs stacked together, and they can't be auto-targeted when they are stuck like that. Thank you...
  14. Greetings! Is the issue being addressed where the mobs all re-spawn on top of rocks or objects and cannot be targeted. It's really annoying . Thank you and Happy Holidays!
  15. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

    @JujiHow long will the Pendants be available in the L2 store? Thank you...