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  1. Thanks for your feedback. 1. There should be a pre-requisite to gain the boosts like being at least Lv 80 for better crafting probability and Lv 85 for double crafting points. 2. People use in-game and 3rd party software macro systems in sieges so it is a thing. We need to fight fair and encourage live players to play support classes. 3. If they can roll back auto-hunt like it is on "Live Server", I'm sure it will make everyone happy. The current Auto-Hunt feature is a fail. 4. We need to make certain things more attainable so players can unseal their armors and enhance their weapons, etc... Only high level players control the market now and they don't give new players a chance to farm in some areas. 5. The "events" I suggested will be random team generation so you can't choose your side. It would be awesome if main players participated, but they will be placed in a random team so its not one clan dominating the event. 6. Yes I agree "Anniversary Event" had to be a big deal, but they can increase the chances and probabilities of getting something good on the P2W at least. Imagine failing 100 scrolls to make your hat +10 from +9 or opening 100 P2W boxes and its mostly junk! It's ridiculous! Respectfully, HB
  2. Hell yeah! Great recommendations Beppler! :::::::E Pluribus Unum:::::::
  3. Thanks for making some valid points Hammer. We all have to admit that the fan base of this game is pretty damn loyal. The original creators of this game really took the time to craft such a beautifully amazing game with the art, visual/audio effects, quest story lines, market, and content. Fast-forward to where we are now the game just seems broken and unbalanced to me. Hammer pointed out many of the concerns and opportunities that would make the game more enjoyable for most of us. I'll offer/echo some recommendations that I feel is important to bring the fun back in the game as well as balancing things out a little. 1. Open up more castles. 2. No outside buffs or heal/mana/scrolls etc... in Olympiad 3. Bring dwarves back: Increase spoil rates, and give War-Smiths better items probability on new crafting system. Also double their crafting points since they are dwarves. 4. Bring back the melee/archer class by improving their skills and STATS. 5. Disable all macro functionality in sieges including 3rd party software. 6. Fix the Auto-Hunt feature to the original interface where we can drag one macro into it. 7. Fix some of the zones so players can actually farm in it to reduce over saturation in other zones. 8. Add A/S gems to L2 Coin Shop along with Cloths. Maybe even add Kamael 3rd class Scrolls/Crystals, etc... 9. Add some type of daily automated PvP Event like "Capture the Flag" or "All Out War" in random zones that people can participate in for team rewards. 10. Minimize the P2W items and add more "Free Events" like the "Aden Dice Game!" That was an awesome event! 11. Let us collect event items without having to go to town, for example like "Event Buffs" or "Orianna's Lucky Draw Supply Items." 12. Bring back the previous "Restore Policy." We should be allowed to restore ANY items we paid for with NC Coins every 90 days. Respectfully, HellBride
  4. Good day everyone. Since the new update I don't know where to view my current clan skills in the clan menu window. Can someone show me where it was moved to? Thanks in advance!
  5. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    We were all there once before. Did you follow the quest from starter village?
  6. Quests

    There are still some quests, but they are limited and have evolved into Daily Missions. Send me your discord nick and we can help you advance in the game.
  7. Pk Points

    Doesn't reduce your actual STATS, but it does reduce your speed, PDEF, MDEF, etc... Also, depending on how much karma you have, you won't be able to use escape features, like teleport. If you have PK points, but you aren't in a chaotic state then your character is back to normal and there is not penalty, but on the other hand if you have 4 or more PK's you can drop items if you go red again.
  8. Whats so Classic about this? Nothing

    Join our community discord and we'll advise you how to get spell books without having to farm it all day. Send me your nick if you're interested.
  9. resurrection %

    I believe max is 90% no matter what else you do.
  10. Macro DD-Support

    Send me your discord nick and I'll explain it to you.
  11. Question about Server Changes

    Hi. We have a small L2 community discord and we can help answer some of your questions. Just message me your discord nick.
  12. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    Claim your VIP 1 points from L2 store and there is reward for players Lv 39 and below either in L2 store or L2 coin shop.
  13. Where/How do you get a cloak on Classic ?

    You can get Zaken cloak by doing quest that begins in Giran's warrior guild.. You can also buy cloaks from L2 store when its available.
  14. Wow sorry to hear about your d/c issues... I don't experience any of that... My concern is they are removing too much content from the game and not replacing them with other things the community can do. The result is everyone looping because there is nothing else to do. I guess you can run around with a perma-red and drive the remaining players to quit because of non-stop pointless grieving... To sum it up the game is pointless now... Everyday I have to talk myself into staying because of the few friends I have left in this game. It's a sad situation... I'm beginning to believe they don't care about Classic anymore. They let down the people that brought them to the top! We were the original community! How blind can they be... Condolences, Teddy
  15. You can buy 2 sets of A Grade Armor for the price of 1 Cloth, and it takes 5-7 Cloths to unseal 1 set. It's not fine!