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  1. Best option will be no drop items on pk , no xp loss on pk , why would anybody loose anything if he want to kill another player . LOL and I thought this game was about pvp .
  2. Wallabi vs Dragon weap Lv1 & cloak +20

    Good game play .
  3. Wallabi vs LosBandidos

    Hahahahahhahhahaahahaha worst excuse ever . What castle you have again ?
  4. Molensa vs Zureil and Afk MS :))))))

    What castle you have ?
  5. Macro loop deletion

    Funny how you talk about crying when you are the only one crying .
  6. Again LosBandidos vs 1 party with 2 tank :)))

    Molensa lier True version vs lier version
  7. Again LosBandidos vs 1 party with 2 tank :)))

    Your mother should teach you lieing is not good . But I will teach you since she didn’t with the video versions of below True version . Vs lie version . The only position in server molensa win is the biggest lier on the server .
  8. Again LosBandidos vs 1 party with 2 tank :)))

    And don’t forget the truth ofc in the above videos comparing the 2 versions . Truth and lier versions
  9. Again LosBandidos vs 1 party with 2 tank :)))

    Molensa = lier . All know that now
  10. Again LosBandidos vs 1 party with 2 tank :)))

    1VS 1 True version https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xO4xmVRqA_E vs molensa version https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eU-nfRTLTvs . No dragon weapon for MS vs dragon weapon STAGE 1 for lost banditos . Did you loose the fraps as usually ? I DONT MENTION STARTING 1vs 1 with br from iss for divekio and still loosing the fight .
  11. lol Girlscouts vs Divekio :))))))

    Ouch found this on YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xO4xmVRqA_E indeel loool ahahahaha . Lostclowns they lost on edit the real 1vs1 video .
  12. STOP CRY..!!

    There are no bots . Ok never saw a bot .
  13. Nccoin problem

    Milking proses takes up to 12 houres . So just w8 .
  14. Servers transformation to a BOTLAND paradise

    The good about bots is even if all players quit / leave . There will be still somebody fighting against the dark forces of bad dragon valakas .
  15. Debuff skills - no ability to magic crit

    W8 untill holidays are finished you are taking to a wall . If you want smthing to be fixed learn korean and go write at the corean forums