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  1. My experience with Freya Stick Promo.

    Nice drops it wow worth it
  2. Nova vs MS nova drop war

    It’s like that alwayes . When MS clan attack’s all others hide . MS POWER !
  3. Cave of Bot delevel

    Nothing is strange for me . Day B -for bot is here . Looks like the apocalypse is here . The only thing to do is to meditate and get used to play with bots . Sooner or later we will adapt to the situation . And bots will be a part of the atmosphere in the game . Personally I can’t understand who is bot and who is not . Probably if you die you are human since I never saw bots dying .
  4. Try again you don’t convince us .
  5. Cave of Bot delevel

    Evidence or you are a bot !
  6. Dimensional Siege

    Don’t ask juji they only think he wants is pve and ppl with big pockets . Anything that gives profit (adena ) in this game is NOT assosiated with pvp .
  7. Nova vs MS nova drop war

    Nova clan goes full pve . Not sure how xp will help nova get back all this heroes , castles , ppl they have lost due to inactivity of there clan . THE ONE AND ONLY PVP CLAN IN CHRONOS IS MS !
  8. MorningStar STRONGER THAN GOD ?

    Divekio and molensa will make a come back soon . They prepare dragon weapons in lostbanditos . Soon Aden will be lost . +27 enchants are comming . Molensa will 1 shot everybody including you @nuky and your friend zureil will never leave town again .
  9. December 2018 Preview

    Not bad at all . Time to make some serious profit out of this event .
  10. Dim siege and the big boy !

    The caster stage 3 is not working ? And by the time he make stage 3 bow zureil will have stage 2 bow so one more weapon for ms
  11. December 2018 Preview

    Minimum will be lvl 6 jewels of our choice . Probably claw packs of 50 . And last reward drag weapon stage 1 .
  12. Dim siege and the big boy !

    Who will be the big boys of Aden today ?
  13. December 2018 Preview

    Finally dragon weapon rewards !
  14. MorningStar STRONGER THAN GOD ?

    They lost all dragons but if divekio wins 1vs1 against zureil only then we will join him . Tip of the day : alwayes join the strongest side ( clan ) .
  15. Raid BOSS solution

    Overdps and his friends are out of control sad to see this but STILL there is hope if raids become pvp zones , dragons become pvp zones and all high lvl hunting zones become pvp zones !