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  1. Top tier Players get only Low tier players. The number of players participation oly is Very Low !!! @juji make oly for main and dual class or reduce oly time by half so more players will be playing . Its like doing siege last for 20 houres !!!!!
  2. I just lol . Cursed sword every Monday to Thursday even pays for killing other players . The game is a pvp - pve game . Pve areas that nobody can kill you exist and they are many . There are a lot of instances to do solo or with group . PK is the best think to ever happen to this game . So I would even suggest the devs to remove pk pvp system and implement pvp zone everywhere .
  3. With the current situation of population of bots it’s hard to find spot to xp in the top spots and areas . Obviously you will get pked if you try take a spot from somebody else . Also being complete afk during macro xp is not recommended . I xp form last restart nobody killed me
  4. Some day chronos will merge with gludio server it’s just about time .until then we w8 for the dual to main service that nc west devs are working so hard to accomplish . Yet technology haven’t been so advanced to make this happen but Soon will eventually happen
  5. The server is full of bots if you don’t pk them how you expect players to xp
  6. Not really . More players will pay for the service than reroll . Those who had the chance or wanted have already created lvl 1 char and have already lvl up . So we talk about a new service for those who doesnt want to reroll . It’s a 100% profit for the company .
  7. Spoilers is the most powerful class . Let’s all reroll to spoilers . Everybody who is selling his gear to buy new for his spoiler post a picture HERE
  8. 1 good reward from l2 store and who cares about spoil or farm .
  9. Post picture of your toon and show dmg diff between yull and dagger of same equip .
  10. Assassin or othell is a forgotten class witch have been taken nerf after nerf . @juji doesn't seem to care much neither the devs . If you ask your self witch are the rarest classes ppl play then saya and othell are the one almost nobody play . Yull your main is prob the most op class and second is coming feoh witch with there insane survival , mana regen in all areas and big dmg they are just un killable . I recommend you not to start an othell class those who play this class they are old players who were once playing othell when it was decent before the huge nerfs . If you like pve make Gk , titan or evic those are the classes to go . They farm faster more efficient than an othell . Pvp wise you have yull witch is No1 since all items coming to this game are made for yulls . .
  11. Wrong dual class is a must in order to finish the exalted quest . And many choose dual same as main . Coz they had the gear ready . Now they stuck with 2 classes of the same not being able to change main . Dual should have same benefits as main including ranks and heroes .
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