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  1. Top tier Players get only Low tier players. The number of players participation oly is Very Low !!! @juji make oly for main and dual class or reduce oly time by half so more players will be playing . Its like doing siege last for 20 houres !!!!!

  2. On 11/20/2019 at 4:33 AM, zzt111 said:

    Most of top pvp clans are full of bots and streaming while bot is on would make them look bad so they don't stream or record pvp and those who do record try to hide as much as possible of their screen for same reasons.

     Second thing is, pvp is thing of the past and almost no one does it anymore

    Also pve on this game is extremely repetitive, once you see it there isn't much changes, endless killing of same mobs on same spot isn't something people want to watch for long period of time


  3. 2 hours ago, Wilma said:


    All must see, we have two type group of PK :

    1. Normal player angry to another player, and he kill him. These characters try eliminate karma and try lower PK point. I think it part of game. I think, current PK system are good for this group.

    2. Psychopath/evil players (or someone who wanna oust players from server)  are make/buy a character to kill other players. I think it not part of game. I think the GMs must prevent these characters to kill another chars. These PK chars logout/teleport if someone fight with them. (Logout=over log from another computer) They don't have expensive equipment, doesn't mater if drop something. Doesn't mater if lost XP, except if they lost lvl and skills. Hard to kill they, because they don't play the game, only kill players. They are off-line or stay in pace full zone. They are don't kill mobs.

    I think easy to decide who are in 2nd group. Who have 100+ PK and high karma are in second group. I think someone can more exact definition who are in this group.  I suggest for this group GMs don't let to hit other characters. Of course don't let to hit by summon too.

    Best wishes,



    I just lol . Cursed sword every Monday to Thursday even pays for killing other players . The game is a pvp - pve game . Pve areas that nobody can kill you exist and they are many . There are a lot of instances to do solo or with group . PK is the best think to ever happen to this game . So I would even suggest the devs to remove pk pvp system and implement pvp zone everywhere . 

  4. 44 minutes ago, Aphilion said:

    I know it is part of the game but it still is ruining my gaming experience and would most likely stop playing if this continues because it doesn't make sense to continue playing if you can't level up.  Last night I got pk'ed like seven times.  I got stuck in leveling up at 80% for two days... two freaking days!!!  It's almost impossible to level up when you get killed every 10 to 20 minutes.  This is ridiculous.

    With the current situation of population of bots it’s hard to find spot to xp in the top spots and areas . Obviously you will get pked if you try take a spot from somebody else  . Also being complete afk during macro xp is not recommended . I xp form last restart nobody killed me 

  5. 7 hours ago, mixa said:

    It will be better if they just let you transfer for free once, Since merging of servers creates conflicts with char names, clan names, clan halls and other things, which is really counter-productive for the more populated server.

    This won't happen though and they will merge the 3 less populated servers..... someday.

    Some day chronos will merge with gludio   server it’s just about time .until then we w8 for the dual to main service that nc west devs are working so hard to accomplish . Yet technology haven’t been so advanced to make this happen but Soon will eventually happen 

  6. 1 hour ago, HItEye said:

    If you want to play DD, create a dual DD (that's what the dual class is for). If this chronicle is only for DD, level up your dual, if you have two equal classes (double tank, iss, etc.) create a new character and stop crying.
    For NcSoft it is more beneficial that you create a character since lv1 and pay for everything again than changing the main class

    Not really . More players will pay for the service than reroll . Those who had the chance or wanted have already created lvl 1 char and have already lvl up . So we talk about a new service for those who doesnt want to reroll . It’s a 100% profit for the company . 

  7. 12 minutes ago, dime said:



    So, they reduced spoil loot table for anything under 105 and increased it for anything over 105, what's the problem? Oh you mad you can't compete now? Or that you're not making that easy adena with your paulinas equipped OFS anymore? Working as intended as far as I'm concerned. They inverted the demographics and as someone that actually plays OFS this is nothing but good news. I'm actually getting spoils now.


    This is like getting angry you can't kill lv 110 mobs at 99. Yeah, it's by design. Build a challenge wall and weed out those trying to take advantage of the system.


    Also, what DD will out DPS a similarly geared OFS in PvE?? lol.. You know we get 30% pve damage as a class passive, right?

    Spoilers is the most powerful class . Let’s all reroll to spoilers . Everybody who is selling his gear to buy new for his spoiler post a picture HERE

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  8. 1 hour ago, najngeg2019 said:


    My character currently is evi/archer but i was thinking to reroll my dual on assassin. Is it good for late game the assassin, in terms of pve cuz pvp i know its good. and which to pick out of 4 assassin (remember im ertheia class). Of course that i need tons of money, visa card etc etc but im most playing for fun, i have a gear r99 +6fe and currenly on the archer i have r99 +8 weapon. but i wanted to go assassin with duals. can you give me some tips plz :) and which of the 4 daggers to pick.

    p.s should i increase dex or str ? 

    Have a great day.

    Assassin or othell is a forgotten class witch have been taken nerf after nerf . @juji doesn't seem to care much neither  the devs . If you ask your self witch are the rarest classes ppl play then saya and othell are the one almost nobody play .  Yull your main is prob the most op class and second is coming feoh witch with there insane survival , mana regen in all areas and big dmg they are just un killable . I recommend you not to start an othell class those who play this class they are old players who were once playing othell when it was decent before the huge nerfs .  If you like pve make Gk , titan or evic those are the classes to go . They farm faster more efficient than an othell . Pvp wise you have yull witch is No1 since all items coming to this game are made for  yulls . .

  9. 5 hours ago, mixa said:

    You've just stated that you wanted to try different classes above, hence you can use your dual.

    Also if you paid once, you'll very likely to pay again, so that's no issue either.

    Wrong dual class is a must in order to finish the exalted quest . And many choose dual same as main . Coz they had the  gear ready . Now they stuck with 2 classes of the same not being able to change main . Dual should  have same benefits as main including ranks and heroes . 

  10. 13 hours ago, Valentin said:

    it's all great, i play necromancer since 2009, and i won't mind doin'it for next 10 years. just that it will be a a cool feature in the game to afford the luxury of playing more classes with the same toon, imagine that the motivation to invest in one toon will be greater... personally i rather be willing to pay 1k for 1 toon, than few hundreds for 2, 3 or more chars... however, it's all up to you, the players to urge the community for a service like this!

    At that time I had a cp and it was impossible to farm in any area without a party so I chose tank . I wish I had chosen some dd class . Content of game patch after patch disbanded my cp since dd classes went solo mode . This last patch was the one who made sure I will never play support again since ALL AREAS are for solo .

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  11. 5 hours ago, Geroz said:

    Totally agree whit this post... Juji this Fafurion update practically KILL the supports class (tank, iss, healer) NO more parties for farm, now the game is 100% for DDs, so u are very lucky if u have a cp or clan whos make u the favor of level up ur support class. So Juji give us the service for change main for dual or change like dual in red libra.

    My main is tank my dual is yull guess what I can do with my tank . I can’t xp , I can’t do oly , I can’t be on top ranking , . So what is the use of supports ? None . Now everybody have mana regen in all areas . Players Don’t get dmg , so nobody die to mobs . 

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  12. 13 hours ago, HellGate said:

    @Juji you guys had this service in the past and it was working pretty successfully i would say. ok we understand the fact that you moved on a new backend system , but cant you just transfer all the previous settings to the new system ? is that so hard ? i would like to imagine that behind nc west there is a whole team of devs , gms and people that is working for the good of this server, seems we ask too much...


    At least , could you give a timetable ? you said on hold , 6 months ? 1 year ? infinite ?  

    Keep in mind new patch inc soon so this requires a lot of preparations . 

  13. 21 hours ago, Juji said:

    We have no Dev update yet on this request, but I will bump the issue again with the team.

    You did not reply for so long that we though you had forgotten you community . Now we know that you are working on the project most of use wAnt . 

  14. 1 hour ago, abdullah said:

    wow i thought i had the worst lock in this event but i found worse one :)

    well, I used around 350 ticket and the best i got was:

    Wyrm Ring


    some stage 9 Soul Crystal and 1 mermoden 10

    1 high agathion and 3 low

    some CHA+LUC Dyes 

    Giants' life stone 3 and 5 bloody freya 30

    i think i was a bit luckier this event than dragon pouch , it was really the worst for me around 900 pouch and nothing good even shirt not +5 yet

    Hope the better for us next time if NCsoft - hopefully- listens to players here

    Very good rewards 

  15. 13 hours ago, BumFightSparkle said:

    Dear @Hime like u writer 

    Some example of harassment include:

    Obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language towards you or others

    Threatening violence or bodily harm in game or in real life

    Extorting by PK for hunting spots, items, or Adena

    This player allows himself to l2naia pk several times without allowing others to play farm adena and exp as he says he does it because maybe everything. I am curious if any consequences will be drawn or if the principle of who subsidizes this rule applies.

    [link removed because of name shaming]

    If you can’t handle it go farm storm isle lower lvl area or do instances . Trying to farm in open world  is risky . 

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