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  1. Chronos is way more healthier than naia , ppl on chronos spend much more nc coins than naia players that makes gear prices up to 50% cheaper on chronos
  2. Dw event plzzzzz and transfers , dual to main service , open server transfers to balance the game .
  3. Because we want to swap . @Juji any news from the devs in Korea ? The ranked racist and discriminated system prob soon will be up again and those with dual class will be again be forgotten to the bottoms .
  4. Soon this day will come . And many played will be happy . Untill then we are all depressed . Mostly @mixa
  5. Servers are perfect no laggs today
  6. Ty @Juji @Hime any news about dual to main ? Did you got answer from korea ?
  7. But when it came up after first server down it wasn't lagging so they fix the lag situation .
  8. Give god jewels to everybody until you fix the lag problem . We die non stop to any area what is hard and requires party . The only ones who doesn’t have issue are the afk players who anyway 1 shot the monsters at those areas .
  9. How comes support have no clue that the game lags for over 24h . Let’s say I work for supp and I receive 100s of tickets within a day about server lag . How do they still reply this crap ? WHY YOU PUT A PATCH YOU ARE NOT READY FOR ????????????? TEST IT FIRST !!!!!!!
  10. Me and all my friends who play l2 about 5000 have all today topped up our credit cards and we are ready to buy the main to dual swap system at any price . Should we keep the money for l2 ( swap dual to main promotion ) or spend them on another game ?
  11. And in the end add a ( but I will talk with the devs , since many players ask for it , if they could add such a service ) that would look more player / community friendly .
  12. Ok we know you don’t have a service ! What about make one service since most of players ask for it . What is the problem . You bring content nobody wants every day . How you increase within a month the lvl of faf monsters for example from 111 to 118 . You think we lvl up in one month from 105-108 to 116 - 118 ? Stop trolling the game and make actual changes that community ask and stop the ninja patches . Go tell korea hey guyes average player is 107-109 and not 117-118 .
  13. Best option will be no drop items on pk , no xp loss on pk , why would anybody loose anything if he want to kill another player . LOL and I thought this game was about pvp .
  14. Hahahahahhahhahaahahaha worst excuse ever . What castle you have again ?
  15. Funny how you talk about crying when you are the only one crying .
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