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  1. Your mother should teach you lieing is not good . But I will teach you since she didn’t with the video versions of below True version . Vs lie version . The only position in server molensa win is the biggest lier on the server .
  2. And don’t forget the truth ofc in the above videos comparing the 2 versions . Truth and lier versions
  3. 1VS 1 True version https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xO4xmVRqA_E vs molensa version https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eU-nfRTLTvs . No dragon weapon for MS vs dragon weapon STAGE 1 for lost banditos . Did you loose the fraps as usually ? I DONT MENTION STARTING 1vs 1 with br from iss for divekio and still loosing the fight .
  4. Ouch found this on YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xO4xmVRqA_E indeel loool ahahahaha . Lostclowns they lost on edit the real 1vs1 video .
  5. There are no bots . Ok never saw a bot .
  6. Milking proses takes up to 12 houres . So just w8 .
  7. The good about bots is even if all players quit / leave . There will be still somebody fighting against the dark forces of bad dragon valakas .
  8. W8 untill holidays are finished you are taking to a wall . If you want smthing to be fixed learn korean and go write at the corean forums
  9. Stop play alone find yourself a clan and a cp and you will be fully geared for your lvl in no time . The fact that you are 93 means you have given 0 effort to your toon probably playtime is not more than 15 active houres
  10. What happened is max took Aden but when zureil party arrived max couldn’t even make it to main gate . Dh had literally not even 1 pt active . I beleave so MS went for the pvp . Funny thing is that max atempted to take rune as first target . I believe so I do not need to comment what was the outcome of there attack at rune . They got sandwiched from behind and couldn’t go forward or backward . But only option was to pr 30 sec after they had entered the siege zone .
  11. Community support the bots by doing RMT ADENA . So probably nothing will change even if you ban them all today. tomorrow there will as many as yesterday .
  12. This is not a troll at all . They should put lower chance to obtain items from l2 store . HAVE TOU SEEN how many consumables , crystals , bloody dark stones have been dropped from events . Enchant Scrolls etc etc ?????? There is no point to even sell blessed weapon R becuse on ventor you sell for 75 kk but on ah ppl even sell for 74-73 kk .
  13. It doesn’t matter if you hit mob or not . Bot program is working on the background and they detect it . So try to uninstall the bot program and make new account . Try again next time without bot program on the computer you log . I play 1 year and no ban .
  14. Yes prices of l2 store are low . I opened around 150 freya snowman boxes and got all my inventory slots full . Even if I farm for 1 year I dont get so many drops .
  15. theblackpope leader of nova left clan after big drama in his clan . NOVA went full pve and pope had to leave his clan . MORE news are coming . If info how many active members nova clan got now ? are they more than 7?
  16. Ahshahshahahah omg Healer 104 lvl kill 109 lvl archer . Ahahahah omgggg. And after that molensa press divekio to close war .
  17. It’s like that alwayes . When MS clan attack’s all others hide . MS POWER !
  18. Nothing is strange for me . Day B -for bot is here . Looks like the apocalypse is here . The only thing to do is to meditate and get used to play with bots . Sooner or later we will adapt to the situation . And bots will be a part of the atmosphere in the game . Personally I can’t understand who is bot and who is not . Probably if you die you are human since I never saw bots dying .
  19. Don’t ask juji they only think he wants is pve and ppl with big pockets . Anything that gives profit (adena ) in this game is NOT assosiated with pvp .
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