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  1. I wonder that people wonder .........

    This was actually a new update feature that was also implemented since the begining of any new Innova servers. New russian servers like Einhasad, Paagrio, Lilith, Anakim etc had it from start also.
  2. population is the same

    You are delusional if you think people are going to stay here. 60 ppl have already quit from my clan, out of ~80 that were here. Everybody is just selling out their stuff and moving on. Just look around... I'm not accusing anybody of botting, I'm just saying that there are so many bots there, that even that mass quit isn't noticeable in online numbers.
  3. population is the same

    People like OP are the reason NCWest allows botting. Giran online during peak 5.000, Giran online at 3am ~4.000. It's so obvious...
  4. There's no one left to mention that after that event announcemend.
  5. Saviors patch notes

    It's NCWest, you never know
  6. Saviors patch notes

    My guess is that they consider this as patch notes (as sad as it may be): https://www.lineage2.com/news/classic-saviors-update-preview-feb-2019
  7. Had to share my failure....

    For 2 mage weapons it's 25%. So every 1 in 4 players would crystalize both of them. Not that rare actually.
  8. Banana Herbs drop rate.

    https://www.lineage2.com/news/power-of-love-2019#L2C They learned!
  9. Banana Herbs drop rate.

    Did you really expect that ncwest would actually give us such info? I bet they don't even know it either. But that's how those events worked at other official classics, and they work the same way here.
  10. Banana Herbs drop rate.

    Usually the rates are 3x higher during 18-24 than other hours. Also on Sunday there were a lot of ppl on siege, so it's possible that ppl that were killing mobs observed much higher drop rate.
  11. Does it get better at lvl 40+?

    Yeah it's much better at higher lvls. 40+ you can go to Cruma and you'll always find a free room, closer to 50 you can hit EV, where you can find some bots, but still not enough to take all spots.
  12. Summoner

    He is talking about his crit. rate, not summon. Also spirit sharing gives flat crit rate, both to summoner and summon (10, 20, 30 depending on lvl), not %. BTW. 3% from 250 is +7 crit rate. So even if it's true, it's nothing.
  13. Please remove/change Song of Purification

    With the exp curve we were given here (f.e. lvl 75 requires 1.5kkk exp instead of 560kk), lvl 80 is 2 years from now. There are much more relevant issues that need to be adressed before that. But overall yeah, its a bit OP.
  14. Skill Rage

    It's not a bug. The passive Weapon Mastery, like Sword/Blunt Mastery or 2-Handed Mastery, adds a flat bonus to your P.Atk, which isn't multiplied by any buffs. So for your 58 lvl Destroyer, while equiping a blunt, you are getting +72.7 P.Atk from Blunt Mastery. Which means your "real" P.Atk without mastery is around 54. So a 20% increase from Rage should be around 11 P.Atk, which is close to yours (you probably have your Blunt Mastery lower than 58 lvl, so you got a bit more "real" P. Atk.). Masteries are a flat additions to P.Atk, which is added at the end of all calculations. Buffs like Rage, Might etc are multiplied by base p atk without any masteries.