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  1. It's not that big issue, to have VIP4 as a main and box VIP0 as it looks at the beginning. Realisticly, the lvl difference wouldn't be higher than 2-3 lvls MAX at 40,50+ lvls, since the increased amount of exp needed to lvl up would make up for your box gaining less exp. And you can definetely live with 2-3 lvls difference. Also, you can do daily AI/FOM for the XP scrolls and just keep using them on your box, while not using them all at your main in order to save up some more SP for skills. Also at higher lvls you'll start dying at pvps/RBs etc, and your box would eventually catch up. Also many people leave their boxes around lvl 58, as they have sufficient buffs for you to progress further without exping your box (unless you aim to get him to 76+ for prophecies etc, there's really no point in lvling f.e. PP above 58 lvl).
  2. Probability in spellbooks?

    You should reconsider PP as a main because of other reasons than SB. It's a terrible choice in current meta.
  3. Probability in spellbooks?

    I'm LVL 54 and I have all skills learned. And as a DA, there is pretty a lot of them. I still have some spare SP.
  4. Probability in spellbooks?

    @Khania stop trolling. You said you killed 200.000 trees. That would be 700kk exp without any boosts. You would be almost LVL 60 with that amount of exp. And farming at trees past 50 LVL is impossible. Get your facts straight. Spellbooks are supposed to be rare at classic. And remember the rnjesus. I got 4 spellbooks this weekend, good night.
  5. Issue with summoner profits

    Classic is different. At Classic they do need a gear, as Summoners were given a few skills to increase their own dps, so that they can hit as well/even better than their summons. Just farm for a nice gear without using beast ss, and then you'll see that with a nice C weapon and without using beast SS you'll be farming faster.
  6. It's a common knowledge because it has been tested and spread around. That's exactly what common knowledge is.
  7. He didn't say it's listed somewhere. He said that this is common knowledge.
  8. VIP 4 box with two VIP 0

    Difference between VIP0 and VIP2 in terms of drops is so small, that it might be hard to differentiate with small sample size. So your conclusion might be correct, but as well correct might be the one, that the drop bonus doesn't work in party at all (and then VIP4+VIP2 in pt = VIP0 drop).
  9. A grade?

    There are priests RBs LVL 75 in game that dropped A grades on EU/RU. Just wait until those are killed.
  10. Maximum level was not 70?

    If the game is content capped at 70 lvl, then why we can learn skills at higher levels? Also when I asked support about this, they said it's impossible to go above 70 lvl and that there's no character with 71 lvl.
  11. Maximum level was not 70?

    That's what I told them. I think they are in denial stage.
  12. Maximum level was not 70?

    I sent a ticket via email to the support, and got a response. I think Im not allowed to share it explicitily, but basicaly they told me that there isn't any char with 71 lvl at any classic servers and that 70 lvl is currently maximum lvl.
  13. When 2.0?

    Runes would be actually easy for them to implement, because...they are already implemented. Just go to any blacksmith, and there's option to add rune. All they did was removing runes from drop database. Just like they deleted olympiad by deleting olympiad manager NPC.
  14. When 2.0?

    Did you read his post? He explicitly said he wants rune in the game.
  15. Maximum level was not 70?

    We can't even submit tickets right now, they disabled them. And since they don't read forum... well.