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  1. Saviors patch notes

    It's NCWest, you never know
  2. Saviors patch notes

    My guess is that they consider this as patch notes (as sad as it may be): https://www.lineage2.com/news/classic-saviors-update-preview-feb-2019
  3. Had to share my failure....

    For 2 mage weapons it's 25%. So every 1 in 4 players would crystalize both of them. Not that rare actually.
  4. Banana Herbs drop rate.

    https://www.lineage2.com/news/power-of-love-2019#L2C They learned!
  5. Banana Herbs drop rate.

    Did you really expect that ncwest would actually give us such info? I bet they don't even know it either. But that's how those events worked at other official classics, and they work the same way here.
  6. Banana Herbs drop rate.

    Usually the rates are 3x higher during 18-24 than other hours. Also on Sunday there were a lot of ppl on siege, so it's possible that ppl that were killing mobs observed much higher drop rate.
  7. Does it get better at lvl 40+?

    Yeah it's much better at higher lvls. 40+ you can go to Cruma and you'll always find a free room, closer to 50 you can hit EV, where you can find some bots, but still not enough to take all spots.
  8. Summoner

    He is talking about his crit. rate, not summon. Also spirit sharing gives flat crit rate, both to summoner and summon (10, 20, 30 depending on lvl), not %. BTW. 3% from 250 is +7 crit rate. So even if it's true, it's nothing.
  9. Please remove/change Song of Purification

    With the exp curve we were given here (f.e. lvl 75 requires 1.5kkk exp instead of 560kk), lvl 80 is 2 years from now. There are much more relevant issues that need to be adressed before that. But overall yeah, its a bit OP.
  10. Skill Rage

    It's not a bug. The passive Weapon Mastery, like Sword/Blunt Mastery or 2-Handed Mastery, adds a flat bonus to your P.Atk, which isn't multiplied by any buffs. So for your 58 lvl Destroyer, while equiping a blunt, you are getting +72.7 P.Atk from Blunt Mastery. Which means your "real" P.Atk without mastery is around 54. So a 20% increase from Rage should be around 11 P.Atk, which is close to yours (you probably have your Blunt Mastery lower than 58 lvl, so you got a bit more "real" P. Atk.). Masteries are a flat additions to P.Atk, which is added at the end of all calculations. Buffs like Rage, Might etc are multiplied by base p atk without any masteries.
  11. Summoner

    As for the rune part - it only works for you, not for the pet (summon). Still, at 60+ you would be able to do melee very efficiently with support, and on 70+ your dps would be really nice, it's actually one of the best in game. Behind Tyrants and Destros. If you can afford beast shots, then your dps at 70+ would be even better than destro without frenzy/zealot. Seraphim is a 77 lvl summon. Don't think about it as your goal while playing, think about Magnus and what it can do. You would be awesome addition to some AOE parties because of your Magnus dmg, not because of your Seraphim buff. And until that - you are much better soloing/playing in melee pt than with nukers. There are some summoners parties being formed at 60+ lvls, and those would be strong as hell later on. Anyway, lvl 77 is months/year ahead of now for most of players (at least until they introduce Clan Arena). For now you would be better solo nuking until 60's, and then eventually finding some melee pt once runes are introduced.
  12. Clan Hall Auctions

    Thank you. Any info about sieges?
  13. Farm spot for ES at 52?

    Stitck to nuking. It's waaaay more effective at that lvl. You can keep nuking with that goat+5. You can try Demon Set if it makes you git mobs 1 time less. Or a +6 Knowledge, some mana is always nice and saves some adena on resummoning, while also giving 10% M. Atk. Go for EV at this level and you can easily nuke there until 62+. Maybe even higher at elders. As for melee - I am personally switching to melee after runes are introduced, not earlier. Also forget about beast SS - you wouldn't be able to afford those without making quite a lot of money on the market in the spare time.
  14. War ending

    You dont get any points for winning the war. The loosing side looses 500 points though. So basically another clan ended the war with you, lost 500 CRP, thats it.
  15. Basically if someone has a passive/buff or whatever decreasing the chance of being hit by a citical hit, like Light Armor Mastery for Archers, then going above 500 crit rate increases your chance of critical hitting them. Here is the source: https://4gameforum.com/threads/702689/