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  1. Consecutive Disconections

    It's truly incredible how incompetent some people are this has been going on for like a month now random dc's SS lag ffs like its 2005 13h maintenance nothing fixed how on earth is this even happening? I mean it must take a HUGE amount of effort to mess it up this much. Dont forget the angel cat's instead of actually fixing something for once @Juji @Hime
  2. They couldn't give less of a bleep at least before they used to disappear from the forums now they reply to insignificant bugs no one gives a shit about completely ignoring the elephant in the room.
  3. First of all @Juji @Hime this time the community demands an answer and fast not like when we complained about the 40+ adena/spoil rates at 20+ that it took a week+ to respond not when we complained about the broken 40+spoil adena rates that still exist btw just in less spots.Or the last time that we complained about the adena/spoil rates and it took you like a month to say "nothing will change" This abomination of an item should be removed BEFORE the server is up and the most important reason for that is not because its OP or its p2w or w/e its because after this there is no turning back since NOTHING that you've said can be trusted. You said before the server starts "no p2w only cosmetics" and when you LIE on something like this your word is worth NOTHING how do we know you wont add an option to buy max level chars or gear or castles or who knows. This is it for you guys and sure maybe you dont make the decisions but when the community reacts to nc's blatant lies there is only one thing to do. REMOVE THE P2W PENDANT.
  4. I wonder what their excuse is I guess it makes sense to them for a level 30 mob to drop the same gold as a level 50 mob because that sounds very logical I guess...
  5. Where did he say that can you link it? EDIT:Also even if he said that if 90% of the server starts complaining on the forums the devs will be forced to fix them like they did at level 20
  6. If people want to have the rates changed (I dont think lvl 30mobs should drop the same as lvl 50) there is a very simple way to do it. Remember what happened in the first days when people found out how broken the adena and specially spoil rates were? They complained about it on the forums and it was fixed the next week you know why? Because at the time probably 90% of the server were 20+ so that means more people complained about it and the devs had no other choice but to fix them. Now the 40+ people are mostly cps or bots that can lvl in the newly fixed areas or don't even care about the adena cus they are aoe groups. So you wont have the same "noise" in the forums that means the devs can ignore it no matter what @Juji or @Hime say they are just the community managers. You want the rates fixed?Make noise post about it make your voice heard or you can just wait for the 90% of the server to get to 40 complain and force the devs to fix it just like at 20+.
  7. Level 40+ Adena Issue - My experience

    So basically because a very small percentage is leveling at these areas the higher ups(and that's obviously not the community managers @Juji @Hime) don't really care or think they can ignore it for now which wasn't possible at the start since pretty much almost everyone was 15-20 and there were way more people complaining. So all these higher ups care about is "noise" because there is no way anyone could possibly think that its logical for a level 30 mob to drop the SAME or LESS adena from a 2x/3x mob 50+.Btw I remember making 30k an hour at level 30 sure I had really good gear but come on... This is obviously broken I'm certain it was intended on release before people flipped about the rates because the adena scaling would have made more sense maybe a buff for the higher lvl areas would be needed but still.I guess there is no point asking this but when you buff level 20-40 areas and at the same time level 50 areas are untouched so they give less than these areas should't the higher upshave buffed every single mob in the game by the same amount ? I mean what did they expect ? They release a 0.10x 0.20x server and think that mobs from 0-40should be 0.50x and 40-70 should be 0.10 0.20x ?! Finally if we want to do something about this server we have to keep posting in the forums until it gets fixed just like @DemisedofRice did no need to get frustrated at Juji and Hime because its not their fault they are just the messengers don't shoot them
  8. While I agree with you I don't find it particularly difficult to write more than once a day according to dev tracker)and explain the situation of a video game.Also most of them are for insignificant issues or maintenance. It's been 3-4 weeks since the 40+ issue was brought up and so far from what I see I bet you that they have to do this for every single area in the game cus it's not "a few areas are bugged" situation they were probably hoping people would be forced to buy vip4 to survive and wouldn't complain much at least we went from 0.20 to 0.40-0.50 rates if I'm not wrong... Finally it seems their approach is "maybe they will stop complaining if we ignore them" because I really can't find any other reason on how it takes 2-3 weeks to fix the broken rates.
  9. Are you guys going to communicate with your player base and let us know what is going on ? Are you going to fix the spoil adena for the other 40+ areas? Are you going to find a solution for the que?Because if you don't log early you have to wait in que for 7-10hours which is more or less the same as before the fixes. Are you planning on doing anything about the bots ? Just checking the dev tracker and all I can is that posting max 1 post per day for a WEEK and that for insignificant issues or maintenance notifications isn't exactly communication not only there are a lot of issues that aren't fixed but the silence is making it even worst. @Juji @Hime
  10. You guys better start posting about fixing the rates for TOI even if we dont know if they are broken or not. Just to be sure that when they'll fix it in a month we can level there without having to wait 3-4weeks...
  11. So it took you 3 weeks to fix the adena spoil issues for a few areas ? Do we really have to ask/spam forums for areas/mobs to be fixed every week instead of you fixing them and having them working as intended on an OFFICIAL server ?? So every time I'm spoiling or just leveling in a new area Im supposed to have my notepad open and write down every single adena spoil drop and then post on the forums hoping other people will care enough to post about it ?How about you fix your game instead ?
  12. drop rate l2wiki

    You know what's funny?A lot of us probably played on a few..sketchy illegal servers and when an official server opens you think oh well at least I don't have to worry about that anymore.But even in the worst server I've ever played the first thing I saw when I logged on their site were the xp spoil adena rates. We are playing on the OFFICIAL server and we don't know the RATES! Think about it for a second. No we don't even need a wiki we just need to know what the rates are and just compare it to the existing wiki.
  13. Could you also let us know what the rates on spoil/adena are right now ?
  14. Take a moment and think that all of us are playing on an OFFICIAL server that we don't know the rates.All these years on random illegal servers I've never seen anything like this the first thing I notice are the rates of xp drop spoil etc. Here even when they buff them they just give you some random percentages never revealing the real rates like its some kind of top secret.
  15. What I want is to finally have the GM's make an official response and tell us on what server we are playing on. Is it a 1x adena/drop/spoil/xp? Is it 0.5x? is it 1000x? What is it ? This is why you see people becoming frustrated and asking for changes cus if this was a 0.20x server (like spoil was at first) then no one would complain cus they decided to join a 0.20x server simple as that. We dont even know the rates on an OFFICIAL server we are playing on which is something I've never seen before not once all we hear is "we buffed spoil/etc by 50--200%" no specific numbers and 2-3 days ago that they buffed spoil/adena 2x still not saying how much it was or how much it is. Will we ever get an official response on what kind of server are we playing on ?