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  1. You can now move freely across the map! That time I didn't have enough money to afford even ship travel let alone teleport. When I wanted to break out from Talking Island, all I could do is swimming over the wide sea...
  2. Well, I have an impression that this time it's easier than before. Just a mere newbie quest rewards you an armor set with special ability! It's insane!
  3. No adena lvl to fast ?

    Actually, 20k is quite a big leap compared to how it was when the game first came out, as far as I remember. That time, I didn't even have enough money to use teleport service, because of its price. This time teleport is free for newbie, I suppose? Learning new skills, any skills, always requires skill books. Well, maybe I was a noob that time so I didn't even have 10k at level 20, but L2 was really a hardcore MMO.
  4. Prepare for Dungeon (Elven Village) is the same. I chose Spiritshots and it gave me Soulshots!