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  1. +1 fix the clan war system and 14 player clans. fix the pk system make pvp zones around dragon npc teleports
  2. Blood swords were put in after transfers were last open. The sieges / olympiad were the only events set in stone when the transfers were open. We are paying customers too. Our voices should be heard. The olympiad time + siege time is more fair for blood swords. @Juji @Hime please reconsider the blood sword time to make it more similar to olympiad / regular server siege time. Thank you.
  3. Dear @Juji @Hime , 1. There are many European players on chronos that want to participate on swords, but the time is not realistic for them. Please consider changing the sword defense time on chronos server to an earlier time slot as they are paying customers too. Current time is 8:30pm - 9:00pm [CST-Chicago Time] Perhaps change it similar to regular server siege time. 2. For the last 4 months or so on chronos server there has been the same two people who pick swords majority of the time. Can you please look into this matter and make sure there is no foul play i
  4. damn the exp is real in ms
  5. Happy uses pvp radar, look at the video. NCSOFT WAKE UP AND REALIZE YOUR PLAYERS ARE SICK OF THIS CRAP. You ban and unban this toon how many times? Do something about this cockroach. Even in olympiad when you face his othell, try casting celestial, I PROMISE you will get interrupted before your cast goes off. old zranger style.
  6. Can you guys actually look into pvp radar and adrenaline usage on players? Thanks.
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