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  1. I'd be happy with some gm buffs or something. EXP EXP EXP! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!

    We are looking for 1 tank, 1 dd and 1 second heal for cp! Lv +106 with decent gear! Please, pm VLADLMLR on naia server Merry Christmas!
  3. Please, I need to know. Will they delete things like Moirai sets??
  4. Guys, what happened with mana recovery in places like EV? From yesterday like 23h, I noticed that killing mobs in EV no longer refunds your party mana.... @Juji check, plz?
  5. Quick question, are transfers open? Because i can't enter to the webside where i used to see that
  6. Lv up and clan points

    Hello! I miss miss the clan points that gives a member upon leveling up. It kind of felt like something "special" like... "Hey! I progressed because I eveled up, and I also helped my clan!". I don't know... Maybe you can put that feature back? Of course, now red libra is up and everybody lvls like crazy, but when event will go in 2 days you could enable it back, no? Also, it would give a point to lv up academy characters as you didn't put the feature of the lv 85 15 minute quest. At the moment, clans barely recruit newcomers lv 85- because 1-they think they are boxes. 2- Why should they waste the spot of a highter lv char that gives clan points after completing clan quests lv 85+? The clan quests are an interesting feature, but the clan points given upon leveling was also cool Opinions?