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  1. @Juji Hello! Would you mind to post all those appearances for dark elf male, plz? Thank you!
  2. I'd be happy with some gm buffs or something. EXP EXP EXP! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!
  3. We are looking for 1 tank, 1 dd and 1 second heal for cp! Lv +106 with decent gear! Please, pm VLADLMLR on naia server Merry Christmas!
  4. Please, I need to know. Will they delete things like Moirai sets??
  5. Guys, what happened with mana recovery in places like EV? From yesterday like 23h, I noticed that killing mobs in EV no longer refunds your party mana.... @Juji check, plz?
  6. Quick question, are transfers open? Because i can't enter to the webside where i used to see that
  7. Hello! I miss miss the clan points that gives a member upon leveling up. It kind of felt like something "special" like... "Hey! I progressed because I eveled up, and I also helped my clan!". I don't know... Maybe you can put that feature back? Of course, now red libra is up and everybody lvls like crazy, but when event will go in 2 days you could enable it back, no? Also, it would give a point to lv up academy characters as you didn't put the feature of the lv 85 15 minute quest. At the moment, clans barely recruit newcomers lv 85- because 1-they think they are boxes. 2- Why sho
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