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  1. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    I think it is really good, that the chance to get +8 or even +16 Weapon is really low. I undertand the thinking of people - "I spent MONEY - I must have all TOP". But the result show us - "IT IS NOT". If few people have +8 or +16 - it is ok, they are lucky, but not the big amount of people have Top weapons. One more think - No one forced you to spend to much money for buying Boxes from L2store - it is only your decissions. It is the same like you buy Lotto-ticket and at the end you can have nothing too!!!
  2. Auto-locking new accons and unlock

    you created 4 accounts, but from 1 PC you can play only 3. That's why may be 4th account is blocked. Did you think about it?
  3. Solo farm as mage

    I think you ask too much. no one will tell you his secret place in game where drop, adena and exp are well you need to explore the world of L2 and try to find your own place, where you will be happy to have all these 3 stuffs. Good luck.
  4. Overlord's Buffs Need Verification

    1- Overlord can only buff Clan / ally 2- Overlord can buf party if the members are from your clan or ally
  5. For more info. For example: you play from your Home L2 and you want to play from your work- think about it! https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/204360929-Managing-Authorized-Locations-in-NC-Account P.S. It is not so hard to look a little bit "Right or Left" and find information what you need before creating stupid topics in the forum.
  6. OMG - did your Bishop read this? https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/204361019-Account-Sharing ???
  7. Armor and Dyes question

    Bundeskanzlerin says all time the truth
  8. Bots... Drops... Adena...

    Ohhhh... I will tell you something: 1- Stop create a new topic about "I am leaving, because....." - it is so stupid. If you don't want to play - leave it silent. END. What will be happend with the forum if everyone will create the topic about quit / leave??? 2- Stop Spam forum about FIX this, FIX that, FIX .. FIX.. FIX. Don't like- don't play!!! No one forces you to play this Game. When "YOU" start the game you press the button "AGREE" - it is mean you are agree with the conditions of the game, if you don't agree - Game will not started. 3- Is it to hard for you -don't play / leave or stop to play for some time and wait better time. 4- Yes the game has some issue / bots/ adena / drop etc - It takes time to fix it, give the support time, "Who are you?"- that NCSOFT must immediatly hear you and do what you want???? 5- Please never write BEFORE was better - So say people who can do nothing in the present!!! Remeber it.
  9. Accused of Botting multiple times.

    What I can tell: I have this expirience too. it can happend. What I do- If I see that the spot is busy from someone. I come to him and ask him, how long he/she will be here. If I see no reaction I try to kill his mobs too - it can be 2 ways - if isa it BOT/ the program will stop to attack the target that you have or the program continue kill mobs. after 5 mins I see No Reaction from the "player", that I am killing his mobs - no message - I know it is BOT and kill him/ his all chartecter and OFC I reported him + I make the video for support ticket
  10. Where I can find the "DISLIKE" Button on Forum and press it for people, that making the same topics over and over and over again. ( Spoil fix, SP fix, people fix ....etc.) No one force you to play Lineage classic. If you don't like the conditions - don't play. Ofc the game need some cosmetic changes, but stop try to change the game like YOU want.
  11. We need SP too....

    I like it - it can be the answer for the most ppl, that have fast LVL-ing.
  12. We need SP too....

    I can help you. You need stop only PVE- kill mobs - try to start PVP. You will be dead sometime ( may be 10-20 times) you will have anough SP to learn new Skills. The problem is, that lineage is 90% PVE - kill mobs and may be only 10% PVP. Change your game STYLE.
  13. Razor mouse

    why? if I use Alt+Tab and macros for attack - and I should be banned? It is allowed to use 3 accounts - right? and how do you think you can play- without Macro-help??
  14. Razor mouse

    I use my Razer Mamba mause and put 2 macros - so I can play with my 2 charecters. It helps me to kill mobs faster + heal myself. But one thing, I was 3 days reported for "Bot" from another players and I need all time use CAPTCHA UI window. Players all time think that I am bot.
  15. Eastern Europe Northern Europe Southern Europe Western Europe Belarus Åland Islands Albania Austria Bulgaria Denmark Andorra Belgium Czech Republic Estonia Bosnia and Herzegovina France Republic of Moldova Faroe Islands Croatia Germany Poland Finland Gibraltar Liechtenstein Hungary Guernsey Greece Luxembourg Romania Iceland Italy Monaco Russian Federation Republic of Ireland Republic of Macedonia Netherlands Slovakia Jersey Malta Switzerland Ukraine Isle of Man Montenegro Latvia Portugal Lithuania San Marino Norway Serbia Sark Slovenia Svalbard and Jan Mayen Spain Sweden Vatican City United Kingdom If we are speaking about Regions, you are in the same Region with Russian Fed.