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  1. Considering server was put in place to provide relief for the other servers, and many people from existing servers have already gone through a lot trying to play on what was available from the start. I'd say giving free character transfers instead of making people plead their case and submit support tickets to get Launch packs/NCoins etc. moved over to brand new characters on a brand new server is a good solution. It doesn't matter "idiot" if everyone is allowed the option to transfer - there will be many that stay and many that leave of all levels.
  2. The only reason Gludio is recommended is because of the server population, has nothing to do with where you are playing from.
  3. @Hime Please consider limited time free character transfers. My clan and I would love to transfer to Gludio, we're all based in Texas. Us all starting over and submitting support tickets and hoping for the best IE all our launch packs get restarted etc. on new server is a lot to ask - most my clan won't be willing to move due to making it so difficult.
  4. so two things. 1. This is a classic server, and that is not a classic mechanic. 2. You're basically saying that if Chaotic - you can go around killing all players if they attack back (defend themselves) without accruing more chaos pts? 1. That is how it is already if you are not chaotic - if you hit and they hit back you both fight no penalty. Only go chaotic in the first place for killing people that don't fight back, yet when chaotic...when you've got a big red name flagged over ya, you want to keep attacking others with no penalty if they fight back? lol. The current system
  5. Correct me if i'm wrong but...you never went purple for attacking a chaotic player in the past. That's like the main reason not to go Chao because you are free game at that point to be killed without penalty to the other player. You can defend yourself, that is your choice but your chaotic level increases if you win. That is always how lineage has been. If the chaotic level is too high right now per pk then yeah let's adjust it back to how it was in classic - I haven't gone around killing people yet to know for sure. Otherwise with the XP modifiers it would seem that you would work of
  6. Dual boxing isn't just for 1's own benefit either. Most people play with clans as well, I have a group of friends - they don't all multi-box but I do. A lot of people prefer not to share their XP with lifeless boxes that just follow them around all the time to level faster. Instead maybe 1 or 2 of the friends will level buffers to support the clan parties etc. I also buff randos like you all the time who ask for it if they give my buffer recs. So who are you really hurting by multi-boxing? Not every1 that multi-boxes is just a solo player or doesn't want to interact with other players.
  7. This is stupid, this solution is not L2 Classic by any means. 1 account per PC means I quit and i'm asking for refunds as will most of the dedicated players. That is not Classic, it's not L2. What people are talking about removing support classes all together etc. and trying to change the way L2 has always played is ridiculous. I support 1 free account and every additional account requiring VIP status, but 1 account only is just the worst idea ever.
  8. I'm for this because of the F2P players and the problem with the queue. Not because I want to pay to use multiple accounts, I bought pre-launch packs for all my accounts. The VIP buffs alone is benefit enough to me to pay, so I'll probably drop some money on them each month just to keep that up. Not going to whale out by any means but I am more casual - grown man now lol don't have as much time to grind, thus for me the benefits help with efficiency. I feel bad for f2p players that can't get on though, not so much that i'm going to log off my box to give them a spot lol - but if there are
  9. I agree with you then on how important the free to play players are to health of server, to be honest when you started comparing to professional sports I started skimming through the rest of your post. L2 has always been more efficient to play with multiple boxes, not a huge fan of it myself but it's the way it is. We could argue that it's also more efficient to play with VIP4 though too but you have to pay for that as well but that's ok...not unfair? What if they changed it so everyone gets VIP4 buffs but you had to pay for xtra accounts? What reason is there for anyone not to r
  10. Lol woah Medeoan, sorry I can't even quote that first reply way too long. Not only that but it goes off subject quite a bit? We're talking about paying for additional accounts not arguing about the queue times for f2p players. It's bad right now in regards to the queue. "if the delay to be able to get in goes beyond what can be considered reasonable only for free players, while pay players get in with no delay, then it becomes fairly easy to argue that NC Soft has violated US laws in a court case. " This is not what we're talking about. Let's try to define "reasonable access" to
  11. You do know it's always been like that though right? I mean even when L2 first came out and it was subscription based...the people that multibox had to pay extra lol. Not trying to lose free2play players by any means but you can't always have your cake and eat it too. If you're that dedicated to run multiple accts you need to show some support lol. Still cheaper than subscription base if they allow you to have 1 free and additional have to be VIP. Throw $10 a month on your 2nd acct only and make those people boxing 9 have to manage VIP on 8 of em!
  12. Huh? I thought their was infinite space on server for VIPs Only~!! So what you're saying just to clarify...make sure I understand correctly, is if we ALL VIP server doesn't magically hold more client connections and we'll all still be in queue? This is an easy fix NCWest, just make every1 pay then no more queue! No wait I got that backwards, everyone stop paying for VIP so I can still get on without queue! This was a very informative and meaningful thread and I appreciate it's existence.
  13. As their main class? Lies! Maybe up until they hit 40 and actually do the class xfer quest to make them true buff mules. Shamans still fun until then lol.
  14. I definitely don't want f2p players to leave. At same time if f2p running like 3-9 boxes...feels like they might be getting too much for free at that point. Especially the way server load is currently. This is probably very unlikely happening anyways, most people multi-boxing are doing it for efficiency and wouldn't do it then gimp themselves by not paying for VIP. I know I wouldn't Also you can still play the game without multiboxing...just need more friends...you probably have a friend or 2 that are at least dual boxing in-game right now or a clan that has a box or 2 buffers they'
  15. Kind of makes sense though right? If you want to take up more space on server you should have to pay in something right? Especially if it's preventing others from enjoying the game? If you're morbidly obese and book a flight and end up requiring 2 seats on a plane, and it was a booked flight - shouldn't you have to pay more for that extra seat then someone with only 1 seat?
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