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  1. Login Server Will Be Unavailable For 1 Hour

    even when the live servers will have to pay the price of the problems of the classic servers? @Hime Is it possible that they make an independent launcher for the classic so they do not bother the community that play on the live servers ?? (as they do in Europe)
  2. Purpose of Xigncode?

    as it is possible that the useless program is of the xigncode3 (supposed antibot) prohibits you from executing innova (core) accounts and I recognize it as a malicious program ... seriously worse and worse, do something valid for the people who enjoy the game and do not of a dictatorship, because you can not prohibit my computer from running 10 different servers if they are not yours, each time your service gets worse.
  3. Purpose of Xigncode?

    the supposed help that this system would give. it only recognizes gamer mouse and keyboard drivers as malicious programs ... a disgusting service ... they are killing the live version
  4. X button

    it is worth mentioning that it is a program considered as a gamer tool, it is not a program to bounce, but I do not want to lose accounts due to a bad analysis of the xingcode that in fact does not work, since the game is full of bots in the zones of 1 to 99
  5. X button

    Many people talk about the x-button program to accelerate the speed at which the mouse and keyboard buttons react, is this legal or can it bring up my accounts? Does xingcode recognize it as a bot? Or is it just a configuration of the computer? *Talking to big class people like dh and max led me to that program, but I also do not want to fall into the illegal and get banned for free. @Juji @Hime
  6. Clan Penalty Live Server

    I will continue to wait for what a GM will answer, since people tend to respond for them by taking attributions that are not theirs.
  7. Clan Penalty Live Server

    @Hime @Juji question, the clan penalty that was 10 minutes back to 1 day, this will be fixed like this, or will it be repaired in 10 minutes as it was already?
  8. Known Issue: Auto Loop Macro Disabled

    20 slots for a macro ?? with an iss 103 you can give full buff .... I think that is unnecessary, but in asking there is no deception 😂
  9. Known Issue: Auto Loop Macro Disabled

    I have my character 104 and the truth if I can deal with the full donors, thanks to the macros allow me to farm drop instances between 3 ppl and several times a day, excluding the ncoins I buy, but do not pretend to spend 24/7 doing Factions for my exalted lvl5
  10. Known Issue: Auto Loop Macro Disabled

    then also limit the characters in store mode, because it generates enough lag and not to mention that where you walk you target someone, the automatic macro is already part of the game that demands face time which real life people are not possible spend it like a kid, if you do not have responsibilities do not ask for something that is only fair for you
  11. Double XP Event Weekend - 10/6 & 10/7

    the bad thing is that it will only be used for instances and some other things that are not factions. :/
  12. Known Issue: Auto Loop Macro Disabled

    double xp event and we can not macre to balance the level of our characters against the full donors (I purchase but not as much as some) only people who play the classic servers now win ...
  13. Known Issue: Auto Loop Macro Disabled

    with the new game mode (factions and super long quest) expect us to be 24 hours a day sitting on the pc? most of the players have life, and duties in real life, which say they should not re-enable the automatic macros I imagine they are children who have no responsibilities, for my part, there will be no more purchase (buy ncoins) that they repair this error that has the whole image of an intentional intervention to force to play classic l2 that of classic has nothing.