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  1. Wanted to play some good old L2, but got eye and brain cancer instead. Really? What's wrong with you, NC Soft? How could a solid game turn into a pile of shit? Literally all of your games are going full retard by now! Nearly all game changes were absolutely awfull and now you also did change the L2UI? Why??? It looks like shit and is nowhere near being ergonomic. I'm really disappointed on how your road for this game looks ... You had already a gem which you just needed to polish, but all you did was grinding it untill it became nothing but dust. What are you thinking? I mean you think its now
  2. please go play some lottery and keep asking to get your money back if u didnt hit the right numbers. try to flame there.
  3. Most detailed argument on earth. Seems to be legit.
  4. Try to get a better title next time
  5. Quite everyone will do this. Ppl will buy some boosts then realizing that they actually get nothing but crap. It's all about a quick buck. NCSoft's way of thinking:
  6. Instead of getting the jump remaking lineage 2 classic by upgrading the game engine and introducing new game elements and areas beside the old ones......but noooo they do have to do things like this... Ripping the community apart by creating stuff like L2M, Revolution and the well known SCAM called Lineage 2 Classic. And well... Sorry but the shown graphics will never be..... at least not with that detail level... And if it is indeed for mobile devices....who the fook wants to play an mmo while traveling??? Don'T get me wrong. I like the idea of not giving up the lineage franchise.
  7. Why are u creating this topic. NC can change the drops as they want and it still will be official. The only thing that changes -> l2wiki is outated.
  8. Real classic features? Hmmm... Actually there are two! Old starting areas and old monster models. That's it.
  9. Before paying you should actually see what u get. So don'T spam for ur own failure...
  10. Use the already existing topics to flame ur shit out if u care...
  11. watch twitch or play the game. simple answer.
  12. stop creating new topics.............
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