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  1. So play any instanced game instead if you do not want open world. As for the sieges, no, the ultimate point is the open world cooperation and competition. And that means the safe solo grind should not be possible. But it is. All you have to do here is to KS and grief. If you are PKed - go in random party - nobody knows and cares about the others, and make the EXP quest. With the proper class you can grind safe and solo literally everywhere on the US servers. But if you want to play solo with a tank for example - this is just stupid, sorry.
  2. Whaaat! Here you do not lose experience. These 4% are nothing with the EXP scrolls. In fact you have to kill your character even if you do not use any EXP scrolls, as there is not other way to be in line with the SP. Meanwhile you can PK some noobs, if you want, keep the count under 4 and there will not be any problem. If you want to PvP - the only way are the clan wars, as the system now demotivates completely the open world PvP. If you want a farming spot, the best way to get it is to KS and grief.
  3. Make summoner, play solo everywhere. If you want some spot, just KS the mobs till the people leave or PK you - so they will be forced to leave. Grief recklessly and nobody will interrupt you. I do not understand what is you problem with the PK - you lose nothing. Or you literally want to play alone all the time? So what are you doing in a MMO game?
  4. No. In every illegal server you have the offline shop option. As for the sweetening the numbers, every company does it. The illegal servers do not care, as only the active players vote. And if the auction house was the better option, that will be used on the illegal servers for sure. But it is not.
  5. You cannot be scammed if you watch what you buy. It is your own problem, and any excuses are not valid. Also now you can buy cheap, sell expensive, search in different towns, multitrade, manipulate the prices, compete with the other players, trade is a game into the game. While the auction house is just a bot. An NPC instance that effectively replace the players. Yes, it is effective if you want just to buy or sell. But it is terrible if you want to play a game.
  6. OK, this is the first thing that looks like Lineage 2 which I see on the US servers. Classic clan war for a raid boss, well done!
  7. Because of the open world. What you suggest is just an instanced trade. Why not instanced PvP or instanced raid bosses? And you will get a copy of WoW, another one. There is a simple solution - offline shops. The illegal servers do it, because they need space for active players to vote for them. The official servers do not use it, because all these AFK shops, fake the statistics for the players activity. You know - when the NCSoft manager asks - and how many players we had this quarter, they show him good fat numbers. Free open market, there are risks, and profits. That makes the gamep
  8. I could use a nick name - sexygirl - anyway. Grind is fun, if working on conveyor line is fun. I understand the idea of constant progression, and the satisfaction from it, but that progression should have some purpose. Here the goal is one - PvP. And you are involved even if you only sell gear on the market. Then I see two problems in your attitude. That guy could be chaotic ganker, so he will PK you anyway and the penalties do not matter. Or he could want your faming spot - which should lead to PvP, or you can leave. The fact you can laugh at him, and win the competition by refusing to compet
  9. The real problems, that make the game here literally unplayable are the too low drop/spoil rates (should be increased with 50% for the drop and 100% for the spoil and SBs), broken raid bosses (except the epics, all other bosses should be possible for 1-2 parties), the broken PK system (the karma should be significantly reduced, like up to 5 minutes, and the sin eater quest should be made much harder - no experience and drop while doing it), and the extreme enchanting rates (the chances should be reduced significantly). Now the PvP outside clan wars does not work, the raid bosses do not work fo
  10. Indeed, this is the original L2 Classic, not the broken US version. And you can compare and see the tremendous difference. It seems you did not get, that the version of the game here is modified at a horrible way. Just compare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbEdrFSC-9I&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2tCcJuLCQ_yYvKdarHXExHp4hazqY0KSX4EtnKhp32v6aZrlnU9LB1nPM
  11. Really? So what are these different experiences? L2 is grind for level and gear with one goal - to PvP in Olympiad, clan wars, sieges, or in the open world. I suppose you are one of those guys who think that with a lot of grind they will become best PvPers at the end. In such a case you are simply missing the point - that version of L2 is broken, so your grind is pointless. Or, you have too much free time and not enough money for a good PC to play BDO or ESO.
  12. You are wrong. This is a game with PvP. By playing it you automatically accept the PvP. And as the PvP is open world, you accept that too. You do not have rights here - it is a game. If you deny the PvP, you deny the game. And that is exactly what the GMs did here. NCwest denied the Lineage 2. I have no idea why people like you play L2. It is absurd. There are so many games with instanced - consensual PvP. With far better graphics. With better quests. With better lore. With better combat. L2 is about the PvP. The whole game is focused on the competition among the players. And if you remov
  13. Only in the real life. In open world game it is perfectly right. There are not instances for PvE, PvP, raids and etc. The whole world is PvP arena or it should be. The fact you play Lineage 2 as a PvE solo grinder - WoW, GW2, BDO and so many others, just shows how screwed is the game in the US. There are not instances, but the gameplay is broken with absurd rules. And I'm sad. Sad for this game. Sad for you, as you will never feel the fun of the meaningful PvP, when players fight for something worthy in the game.
  14. I made 20 levels on raid bosses, so apparently I'm not of those people. Even got some drops - enchanting scrolls, crap gear and a weapon, and gave them to other players. Sometimes I even leveled up my box in one CC, and the main character in another, simultaneously. In fact I think we made the first raid boss in this version of the game. We even did not have CC - nobody had level 3 clan, so 4 parties killed the boss for a lot of time, it went berserk twice. As you see you are the noob here. I admit you are trying hard to adapt in the game. I do not. As I see how wrong it is made. Terribly wron
  15. I played L2 Classic already. This is US only. Nobody else even thought to make a boss designed for 9 players to be beaten from 80. It even sounds stupid. At the same time the epic bosses here are bugged, as actually US version made all the bosses epic, without change of the experience and drop. This is not Classic, it is not even Lineage 2. As for the imaginary 70 level players, who will gank the newbies - that is why there is a PK penalty, which is broken here too. See how everything is linked and one incompetent decision leads to another? Now only few dozens of players on every server t
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