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  1. No this is not. The smart solution: You can use boxes if u have atleast 1 VIP on them. This is a smart solution.
  2. offline shops wont be implemented forget about it.
  3. In eu free to play main server, if u wanna go fishing, u need to have premium. So here must be the same. This is a top solution and I think it will be added soon.
  4. Solution : Boxes only for VIP Fishing only for VIP Remove shabby box cause where is no drop while dying from the mob.
  5. Fishing only for VIP Remove shabby box from the game otherwise bring back item drop from mobs while dying.
  6. I was banned as well. after 48h they unblocked me.
  7. They need to make fishing only available for VIP i think.
  8. Yeah, it's known issue, Just wait till ppl go a sleep
  9. They need to confirm your purchase cause of fraud. After they confirm u, u will get coins insta on next purchase.
  10. @Hime @Juji You need to make fishing only for VIP and thats it.
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