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  1. hey guys, I wana tell you something, I dont have problem that there is content for ppl who wana pay, thats ok.(alot of games have that model these days, so called micropayment) The problem for f2p players is that without sayah grace u can do shit and not farm. Ofc u can buy each day 30 blessings, but u cant make profit of it since the adena drop amount is so fkng low that with evry shot u loose some adena, bcoz of resources. Its not fun. IT is agony. For example when i speak about adena drop amount, here we drop like 390-400 adena in cruma. Youtube is full of videos where ppl o
  2. don't worry they will shoot us with new's at the end of the weekend, with 7 day delay and ofc the event won't be prolonged. Best even ever +50%xp/sp boost wowy wuawa... getting tired of NCsoft lamas and papas.
  3. i´ve droped the book in ivory crater from manashen gargoyle after kiling 8k of them:) it took some time from lvl 40-44...enjoy
  4. Hi there, i would like to ask few things (for responsible person). Is there any chance that the long Queues will be solved or it will stay like thsi for ever? If not i will consider to go on other server, wich i tried yday and it generates another Q. Does gludio server have different rates than giran? Coz it seems so, i have much more adena at lvl 17 than i had on _Giran at lvl 22 before spider Q hunt. Thx for Answer.
  5. do i need 3 different accounts (3xemails) for that? or just simply to start the game 3xtimes and log under the same account?
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