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  1. Olympiad Bugged, OMG

    Think you got like 36 more minutes before you can claim it.
  2. Small bug

    The auto use of exp items like fruits or exp scrolls makes your toon stop auto following.
  3. Fishing

    Over night Tally for 1 person 152 Blue and 91 fresh, awful. Can you please restore tradeable fish. There is really no reason to make this change. People depended on it for their income to buy shots .
  4. They have changed their decision and will now restore the lost item. I thank you for your help in this mater. As i know a change of heart just doesn't come out of the blue.
  5. I used a scroll clearlly marked saying item will not be lost. It still says it on the scroll today. Well the item went away on failure. I sent in a ticket for restoration . And was informed today(4 days later) that they will not be able to restore my item. This is an error on their teams part and they will not fix the issue. there is not even a post to protect other players from doing same thing. Please check ticket #23447447 for more details. @Juji
  6. Moving on cant be an option in this situation. They need to held accountable for their mess ups as we are held accountable for ours.They do this then they will just be lazy as they are being right now and pull some worse crap down the road.The reasoning behind not restoration is they think they can make more money off the me the next time fate talismans come out.
  7. sorry for those the read this i didn't specify for you guys...read the description of enchant scroll of fate. I lost a +9 fate because of their wrong description.
  8. [BUG] Kamael - Expert Casting

    so it does not mater what armor we wear we still get the bonus?
  9. [BUG] Kamael - Expert Casting

    Yeah doesnt work with any combination of armor.
  10. [BUG] Kamael - Expert Casting

    I also tried using robes like you said in earlier post. Something about a localization issue. That also did not give the cast speed or reuse delay. @Juji
  11. [BUG] Kamael - Expert Casting

    When equipped with light armor the bonus 150 cast speed and 15% cool down is not applied.
  12. If you have low level in your group you will not get the quest items. Try to be within i think 8 levels on toons.
  13. Mail

    Got a mail from a name with all asteriks ******* with an attachment of 80k...... so do i take it ? Or if this comes from some adena spammer do i get banned.
  14. Love the Soulhound. I am already geared on my mains so im not being bias here. The whole raising prices on tablets and to Sa the A Grade Weapons is just unfair to those just getting there. 35 million just to get gems needed. How are those that just hit that mark suppose to catch up? Castle sieges just blow. Olympiad is a Deutsche Canoe parade. But the 20% increase in adena drops will fix it all right? Fix it my dudes, you know all that crap is no good and 20 extra adena when it does drop from a monster is not helping anyone.
  15. Im a spoiler so take this for what it is. I think they should not only reimburse crafters for the useless recs they should offer them free class change tickets along with full return of sp spent on skills. As someone else brought up.....what do we do with crystals now?
  16. You have been playing for 15 years, you should consider taking a break.
  17. Resolved. Having low level member in party nerfs drops, was unaware sorry.
  18. I went to few dif spot green monsters, not 1 adena or even a stem. Get a few nectar only here and there. Please check it out.
  19. Big Head Augment

    I got rid of it because I thought it was trash. Got it again on my archer and realized once i hit 76 that it gave +1 str being that i had to goto 3rd class dyes. I got rid of it on my dwarf a day earlier because yeah trash. Unfortunate after posting a ticket they said they can not give an augment back because its random. Anything you can do bout that?
  20. This augment description is incorrect. Do not trash it. It is +1 strength. Just heads up for people Augment hunting. There is also a thread far back explaining the bug and admin verifying it is indeed intended to be +1 strength.
  21. Big Head Augment

    Also near impossible to sell such a great augment when they think yer trying to scam them by saying no dude it really is +1 strength. Try to direct them to forums but they just dont bother.
  22. Is Olympiad

    Is the final week Class based ?
  23. Is Olympiad

    Anyone know?
  24. The weekend is on us. Most are off and looking forward to catching up with what we lost out on for the event. Can you give any details about what the Devs are currently discussing?