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  1. Hi all My main class is DN the class in tyrr with most aoe skills. Although an amazing class I have to admit that I am getting furtrated about not being able to use skills other than 2 as war leachers and spot stealers always lurking. But it has come to a ridiculous point that I can't even use provoke as I constantly find myself killed as it is almost certain that someone will purposely make me flag. So what good is a mass farming class that can't use any skills? Perhaps there should be an implementation of when using pve mode in settings these skills won't be causing flag? Hap
  2. Game is simply unplayable. Even if launcher manages to establish connection and make it through the queue without disconnecting the in game lag is unbearable. At least not having spend a single cent for over a year is a comforting thought. I don't plan to spend for the foreseeable future on casino ods and poor customer service on top of that as per the past half year since lag problems started. At a time that everyone is confined at home you would expect they would take the opportunity to attract ppl back to the game but I guess the mentality is the same as some time ago there was free ti
  3. I have noticed that after the update that mats dropping from mobs fall at a different place causing char to constantly shift position. Anyone else noticed this issue?
  4. Ty for the replies, luckily i just managed to log in again, not sure what's going on either.
  5. Hi After restaring the client, l2 launcher updated. After that as soon as the came launches it just says "The client will be closed. Continue (0)?" Anyone else has the same issue?
  6. Problem fixed after I restarted pc and had an additional pain her update
  7. Re installed launcher on my pc. It searched and installed an update and then nth, failed to launch.
  8. Nov in front of atelia tp doesn't have any option for solo instance. Am I going to the wrong place? Only pt option when you tp inside is given.
  9. Not going to go in to an insulting spree with you. Just to clarify, in my personal opinion is not the GM's luck of trying. I am sure they are trying their best with the resources they have. However is it an understatement when I say that the result feels unprofessional? Again, not gonna answer to any further insults from you but in my professional life I always deliver what I promise on time and up to the expectations to the end customer. This account is not new btw...thanks
  10. Where in the world would this be considered professionalism? Posting server maintenance without the patch notes is insulting to say the least but from the experience we all have so far we've come not to expect any better. At least this way is better than releasing preliminary patch notes that might lead to loss of adena as it has happened before in the past
  11. Despite having cool down from buffs b.valakas and light armor the barrier re-use seems to be stuck at 1minute. Is this intended or salvation bug?
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