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  1. wow that fixed it, wtf why lineage 2 would freeze because of that? and bleep this one out of the two high speed ports I have.
  2. Okey, did my testing, it works flawlessly trough vmware..... this anti cheat must have some virtual machine encapsulation that does not support the new processors of the Ryzen.
  3. Oh sometimes it locks my pc where I have to force reboot it.
  4. It launches but takes 5-15 minutes to finish the loading and thats on NVMe drive that has a speed of 3.5gb/s I think its the anti cheat. Illl try the game on vmware workstation tonight and ill tell u how it goes.
  5. Same issue. My specs are. Ryzen 2700X, 32GB Ram, Vega64, the game is installed on NVMe drive. I did a clean windows 10 pro install aswell with nothing on it and it still does it.
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