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    I just came back to this game after years of being away. I was almost F2P back then and I plan on being F2P now. I ran a small batch experiment on fishing to see how profitable it would be to see if it was the best use of my time. I found that with the normal rod I could make somewhere around 35 million adena in a 24 hr period for 1 toon. This maxed out at about 47 million for the stage 5 rod. Right now I have 3 toons fishing, one with a stage 1, another with a stage 2, and the last with a stage 3 and I expect roughly 122 million in profit per day. I should probably conduct a larger test and if I see the need I might. Look at fishing this way, it's a way to build up some cash to move on to do bigger and better things. I've been able to use the cash from fishing to benefit from the low prices due to the event. Mixa, do you know the time cycle for the fancy rod. The item description only mentions that it's reduced. I estimated that the cycle was somewhere around 25 seconds but was trying to find confimation.