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  1. Dyes

    its not bugged. classic l2 was always max +5 for one, or +12 total (3x +4, as biggest single dye was always +4-4). You can get +5 by going +4-4 and +1-1 (or +3-3+2-2, since its cheaper)
  2. KS is for reported?

    No, its L2. It's how the game works.
  3. low D weapon is obtainable with 1d farm. Do You really think 55+ party is using low d? Get a clue.
  4. It's monday, fix your game

    You just admitted to having 3 games open and You are complaining about QUE? SERIOUSLY?
  5. Nope, i enjoy fishing for the whole day @ at work.
  6. @Victra did You manage? I've tried 3 days ago and it was still not possible to trade buff / xp scrolls. @Hime any solution for that? As VIP works for the whole account, why are we not able to transfer items we bought with NCCoins? I got vip4 (Chronicle pack + spend almost 1k nc coins on buff scrolls), rerolled to diff char and now 40+ scrolls are stuck on previous char. Kinda disappointing to say, at least.