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  1. Luck is a lie

    Untill now as far as i can see , i enchanted really a lot parts, as more luc as i had the more + a parts went
  2. Evis and tyrrs yes...
  3. 3 days 0-105 a yul with good gear pve set/+15 elmore /ruby 6 /+12 pve r110 bow/radiant circlet 4.5 days 0-105 a Feoh with middle gear Pve set/+12 caster/noble circlet 105/105 yul / yul with my gear needed 7 days(self buff for dual) Tyrr will raise at next updates but no hope for wynns so relax catch a fish and w8 next update
  4. Shame on you

    I m not gonna troll u i have 0 dc problems and as i can see my friendlist also doesnt have . Have a nice day sorry for bothering u
  5. Luck is a lie

    The difference may be this but the chance to get +3 or +4 from a giant scroll is much bigger Marph shirt is only for R grade items not for cloaks fo example
  6. Shame on you

    It s ur pc problems not nc soft.....
  7. Luck is a lie

    PPl enchanting with 110+ luc and u want miracles with 67? cmon....
  8. Shame on you

    noone can come to ur house and check ur pc
  9. NO he wont make those cause ppl get used to afk farm Instead of crying search for profit , especially if u have prestige and drop rune
  10. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    @Juji What will be the prices to change r110 weapons normal. Ench. Pve pvp. Limited;
  11. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    What will be the damaged spellbooks price we will be able to sell them on store until the end of the month? Will be any exchange from old key mats and crafting materials to new ones?
  12. Login problem on site-forum

    Dear @Juji @Hime A friend has a problem , he cannot log in site and forum with his account with main and his iss , In game he logs normally. What should he do to solve the problem ? he cannot even make a ticket
  13. Prestige Holiday Bonus Pack

    some ppl should start reading
  14. Dear @Juji . yes of course the rewards are better than 1 year before BUT last year were also top items on reward list and rare... very bad excuse. Ncwest last year my oppinion is to get as more money they can ..... 0 marketing, if prices were half i bet (including me) we could buy 1 packet but now the prices are forbitten. So no i will not buy pixels ty
  15. Prestige Holiday Bonus Pack

    When will be the serial code will be available?
  16. A P00r Wynn, hero in ur heart ❤️
  17. Someone is out of Freya scrolls? Someone is falling numbers in server ranking; Or u have lot of vitality boobts 😝😝
  18. Do u think before when that button exists, anyone checked for reports?
  19. Yeaaaa i can now farm with pom and not with domi
  20. WILL ANYONE BE INTRESTING FOR THOSE BOTSSSSSSSSS IN EVERY TOWN PMING/SPAMMING MAILINGGGGG WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I ve got to all my fishermen 90mails every day + pms Will for just fun any GM log in NAIA?????? @Juji @Hime .............
  21. Its the event running now called halloween fortune reading game !!! u get scared to open cards fcause of the fail rate of items been given
  22. Random gank / pvp on heirophant

    An iss trying to kill afk macro ppl is really funny
  23. wtB +5 Radiant Circlet Authority

    I ll w8 the update plz close topic ty
  24. As the tittle said wtB +5 Radiant Circlet of Authority pm here or in game "Geroparaksenos
  25. Also 0 info about what u are selling on site? !!!!! Trully dissapointed one more time